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Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL)


The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup or “WURL” is an incredible ridge route circumnavigating Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  The route mainly consists of scrambling, boulder hopping, and a few rugged trails.  It is ~36 miles long with ~18kft of elevation gain.  Given the recent increase in interest with the route, I’ve created this page in an effort to provide better information about it as well as document successful efforts, worthy attempts, interesting related information, and Fastest-Known-Times (FKTs).

If you are interested in being listed on this page, please leave a comment below with :

  1. Your full name(s),
  2. Day and time of completion,
  3. Elapsed time
  4. Link to some form of verification (preferably online GPS data).

A re-cap or link to a more in-depth “race report” is also highly recommended.  If I have somehow missed your past finish, please leave details so I can correct it.

The Start

When I first did it back in 2004 I chose to start with an ascent of Ferguson Canyon.  Ascending Ferguson is fantastic and after a few miles you’re in terrain that is peaceful and rarely traveled.  The quartzite ridge above Stairs Gulch is truly spectacular and one of the finest places in the Wasatch to watch the sunrise.

The Route

There are at least 21 names peaks along the ridge and a handful of unnamed mini-summits.  I recommend that those looking for the full experience summit all the peaks indicated in the map below.  Note that it the route can be easily exported to a .gpx file.

WURL_500px WURL Overview  – Click image for a CalTopo version of the route

The Finish

I recommend continuing north off the summit of Lone Peak for half a mile to ~10,450′ at the notch formed by the impressive Upper Big Willow Cirque wall.  Once in the notch, descend east down a steep gully into Bells Canyon.  From the bottom of the gully contour over to the reservoir itself or intersect the trail slightly below the reservoir.  Then, it’s cruiser trail out to the Bells Canyon Granite Trailhead.  Note : Some folks have descended other routes such as Jacob’s Ladder or the Draper Ridge.  While legitimate (according to me for what that’s worth), I recommend the Bells Canyon route as it adds to the adventure.

Distance Table

Milestone Mile
Start – Ferguson
Broad Fork Twin 5.6
Sunrise 6.3
Dromedary 6.7
Monte Cristo 8.9
Superior 9.2
Cardiff Pass 10.2
Flagstaff 10.8
Davenport Hill 12.2
Honeycomb Cliff – North 12.9
Honeycomb Cliff – South 13.2
Wolverine 14.5
Catherine’s Pass 15.1
Ski Lift 15.8
Devils Castle 17.0
Sugarloaf 17.8
Baldy 18.7
Hidden (Tram) 19.4
AF Twin (East) 20.3
AF Twin (West) 20.6
Red Stack 21.0
Red Baldy 22.0
White Baldy 23.0
Pfeifferhorn – Trail intersection 24.1
Pfeifferhorn – Summit 24.7
Upwop 25.2
South Thunder 27.0
Big Horn Peak 28.2
Lone Peak North Summit 29.1
Gulley 29.6
Bells Canyon Trail 30.9
Finish – Bells Trailhead 35.6


  • #111 & 112 – Jeremy Leavitt & Taylor Davis – 47 hr 27 min – Strava
  • #110 – 9/18/2020 – Nick Whitney – 32 hr 38 min – Strava
  • #108 & 109 – 9/13/2020 – Paul Steinman and Brad White – 33 hr 57 min – Strava 1Strava 2
  • #107  – 9/13/2020 – Kevin Cantwell – 23 hr 31 min – Strava
  • #106 – 9/13/2020 – Justine Hewitt – 32 hr 21 min – Strava
  • #104 & 105 – 9/13/2020 – Jacob Sohn and Matthew Larson – 28 hr 21 min – Strava
  • #103 – 9/6/2020 – Dan Ruch – 28 hr 37 min – Strava
  • #102 – 9/6/2020 – Natalie Barkdull –  24 hr 6 min – Strava
  • #101 – 9/6/2020 – Mike Capobianchi – 37 hr 34 min – Strava
  • #100 – 9/6/2020 – Kevin Roohan – 17 hr 46 min – Strava
  • #98 & 99 – 9/6/2020 – Ameen Moshirfar & Adam Klosowiak – 39 hr 49 min – Strava
  • #97 – 9/5/2020 – Josh Noteboom – 30 hr 48 min – Strava
  • #96 – 9/5/2020 – Evan Sparling – 21 hr 30 min – Garmin
  • #94 & 95 – 9/5/2020 – Edward Sousa and Brian Deyoung – 37 hr 22 min – Strava
  • #93 – 9/3/2020 – Danny Bradley – 27 hr 47 min – Strava 1, Strava 2
  • #92 – 9/3/2020 – Arden Feldman – 22 hr 57 min – Strava
  • #91 – 9/2/2020 – Mark Christensen – 20 hr 56 min – Strava
  • #90 – 9/1/2020 – Stacey Dorais – 19 hr 30 min – Strava
  • #89 – 9/1/2020 – Jason Dorais – 14 hr 40 min – Strava
  • #88 – 8/31/2020 – Tim Rogers – 22 hr 24 min – Delorme (TBD) – Instagram
  • #87 – 8/30/2020 – Katey Blumenthal – 30 hr 57 min – Strava
  • #84-86 – 8/30/2020 – Jason Renfro, Melissa Soper and Chris Gladden – 33 hrs 29 min – Strava
  • #83 – 8/29/2020 – John Michael – 21 hr 25 min – Story
  • #81 & 82 – 8/28/2020 – Graham Laver and Jack Loflin – 33 hr 23 min – Strava
  • #80 – 8/22/2020 – Casey Rose – 26 hr 29 min – Strava1Strava2IG
  • #79 – 8/19/2020 – Mike  Minson – 23 hr 51 min – Strava
  • #77 & 78 – 8/9/2020 – Calvin Jiricko and Max Sandweiss – 19 hr 26 min – Strava
  • #76 – 8/11/2020 – Taylor Graham – 21 hr 52 min – Strava
  • #75 – 8/9/2020 – Matt Carlin – ~24 hrs
  • #73 & 74 – 8/8/2020 – Whitney Durham and Shalise Morgan – 39 hr 29 min – Strava
  • #72 – 8/7/2020 – Brian Davidson – 27 hr 55 min
  • #71 – 7/27/2020 – Matt Leslie – 30 hr 51 min- Strava
  • #69 & 70 – 7/17/2020 – Nevin Brown and Kiana Christensen – 76 hrs Alltrails
    • unsupported – youngest? Kiana 21 yrs old
  • #68 – 7/5/2020 – Greg Hewitt –  34 hr 41 min – movescount
    • first reverse WURL
  • #67 – 7/3/2020 – Chase Nye – 25 hr 39 min – Strava (3)
  • #66 – 9/26/2019 – Andrew Bentz – 22 hr 17 min
  • #65 – 9/16/2019 –  Joey Campanelli – 15 hr 28 min – Strava
  • #64 – 9/14/2019 – Adam Menz – 30 hr 43 min – Strava
  • #63 – 9/14/2019 – Kevin Cantwell (2) – 28 hr 34 min – Strava
  • #62 – 9/2/2019 – Kevin Roohan – 22 hr 48 min – Strava
  • #61 – 9/1/2019 – Adam Bellomy – 23 hr 28 min – Strava
  • #60 – 8/31/2019 – Jared Campbell – 18 hr 22 min
  • #58 & 59 – 8/24/2019 – Alexis and Brennan Crellin – 21 hr 49 min – Strava
  • #57 – 8/19/2019 (1) – David Carter – 26 hr ?? min – TBD
  • #56 – 8/18/2019 – Brian House – 21 hr 53 min – Movescount
  • #55 – 8/17/2019 – Luke Nelson – 15 hr 44 min – Suunto data
  • #54 – 8/16/2019 – Matt Paul – 20 hr 26 min – TrainingPeaks data
  • #52 & 53 – 8/16/2019 – Sarah Moughamians and Chris Gmitro  – 22hr 59 min – Movescount
  • #51 – 8/11/2019 – Tucker Hoefler – 28 hr 19 min – Strava
  • #50 – 7/28/2019 – Kye Halpin – 23 hr 46 min – GPS Data
  • #49 – 7/21/2019 – Devan Squires – trip report – 34 hr 5 min
  • #47 & 48 – 7/16/2019 – Kyle Richardson, Joe Grant – trip report – 21 hr 1 min
  • #45 & 46 – 9/22/2018 – Benjamin “Pete” Allred, Stephen Lindsay – 30 hr 59 min – Instagram
  • #44 – 9/17/2018 – Mark Thomas – 46 hr 30 min – Strava – Youtube Video
  • #43 – 9/16/2018 – Adam Loomis – 15 hr 59 min – Instagram – Strava
  • #42 – 9/8/2018 – Kelly Halpin – “just under 31 hrs” – Instagram
  • #41 – 8/31/2018 – Sean Ryan – 26 hr 26 min – Strava 1Strava 2
  • #39 & 40 – 8/30/2018 – Peter McMullin & Will Hanson – 31 hr 06 min – Strava
  • #38 – 8/26/2018 – Paul Steinman – 29 hr 30 min – Movescount 1Movescount 2
  • #35-37 – 9/05/0217 – Matt Mueller, Eric Edelman, Tyler Call – 32 hr 50 min – instagramStrava
  • #33 & 34 – 9/03/2017 – Carolyn Pino & David Carter – 35 hr – instagram
  • #32 – 9/2/2017 – Elliot Barcikowski – 23 (ish) – any more info?
  • #31 – 8/26/2017 (2) – Dave Pease – 29hrs 17 min – movescount – 54 years old
  • #30 – 8/21/2017 – Brian Culmo – 29 hrs 53 min – instagram
  • #29 – 8/20/2017 – Drew Petersen – 23 hrs 37 min – instagram
  • #28 – 7/16/2017 (2) – Ian Farris – 29 hrs 38 min
  • #27 – 7/10/2017 – Chris Natalie – 22 hrs 55 min – Garmin
  • #25 & 26 – 9/20/2016 – Greg Hewitt & Chris Natalie – 32 hrs – instagram
  • #24 – 9/5/2016 – Brennan Crellin – 23 hrs 18 min – Movescount
  • #21-23 – 8/20/2016 – Aaron Smith, Blake Josephson, Danny Bryson – 28 hrs 23 min – strava
  • #20 – 8/18/2016 – Spenser Tang-Smith – 31 hrs 10 min – report
  • #19 – 9/7/2015 – Jared Campbell – 16 hrs 44 min – report
  • #18 – 8/30/2015 (1) – Chad Ambrose – 25? hrs – report
  • #17 – 8/23/2015 – Alex Honnold – 23 hrs – Instagram post
  • #14-16 – 8/9/2015 – Alexis Crellin, Stacey Pearson, Matthew Irving – 27 hrs 15 min
  • #12 & 13 – 6/28/2015 (1) – Jennilyn Eaton, Matt VanHorn – 38 hrs 52 min
  • #11 – 6/20/2015 – Jared Campbell (w/ Ryan McDermott for a portion) – 19 hrs 49 min – pics
  • #10 – 9/13/2014 – Spencer Weiler – 27-ish hrs – report
  • #9 – 9/13/2014  – Court Pace – 26 hrs 5 min
  • #6-8 – 9/6/2014 (1) – Jason Dorais, Lars Kjerengtroen, Tom Goth – story and incredible photos
  • #4 & 5 – 9/2013 – Jason Dorais, Noah Howell – 26 hrs 25 min – storystory
  • #3 – 6/30/2012 – Jason Davis (w/ Chris Landers for a portion) – 22 hrs 45 min
  • #2 – 9/7/2009 – Nic Berry – 17 hr 48 min – story
  • #1 – 8/7/2004 – Jared Campbell – 21hrs 30 min – story

(1) Exited Jacob’s Ladder
(2) Exited via Cherry logging trail
(3) Exited Trail of the Eagle



  • 19 hr 30 min – Stacey Dorais – 9/1/2020 
  • 21 hr 49 min – Alexis Crellin – 8/24/2019
  • 22 hrs 59 min – Sarah Moughamians – 8/16/2019
  • 23 hr 46 min – Kye Halpin – 7/28/2019
  • 27 hr 15 min – Alexis Crellin & Stacey Pearson – 8/9/2015
  • 38 hr 52 min – Jennilyn Eaton – 6/28/2015


  • 14 hr 40 min – Jason Dorais – 9/1/2020
  • 15 hrs 28 min – Joey Campanelli – 9/16/2019
  • 15 hrs 44 min – Luke Nelson – 8/17/2019
  • 15 hrs 59 min – Adam Loomis – 9/16/2018
  • 16 hr 44 min – Jared Campbell – 9/7/2015
  • 17 hr 48 min – Nic Berry – 9/7/2009
  • 21 hr 30 min – Jared Campbell – 8/7/2004

Noteworthy Attempts and Related Stories

Highlight Photos from Various Trips

Ridge section approaching Monte Cristo. Snowbird below. Ridge section approaching Monte Cristo. Snowbird below.
Devil's Castle Devil’s Castle
IMG_1455 Alexis Crellin & Stacey Pearson navigating the Wasatch Ridge.  Photo Matthew Irving
IMG_1763 Alexis Crellin & Stacey Pearson summit the Pfeifferhorn at sunrise.  Photo Matthew Irving

Question Mark Wall as seen from the summit of Lone Peak

IMG_1895 Alexis Crellin, Stacey Pearson, and Matthew Irving on the summit of Lone Peak.  Photo Matthew Irving
Descent gully into Bells. Descent gully into Bells.



  1. Hi Jared,
    I completed the WURL last month – August 22nd 2020 in 26 hrs and 29 minutes. I tried uploading this earlier so I’m sorry if I’m late! I have two links because my watch kicked me out of tracking on Baldy.

    insta link –

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. 1) Brad White and Paul Steinman
    2) Completed 9/13/20 at about 8:00 pm
    3) total time was 33 hr 57 min
    4) and

    Hi Jared. I tried to submit this once, but I think something may have gone wrong. Sorry if this is a repeat. We really appreciate everything you do! I don’t know about Brad, but I had a blast running, climbing, scooting, and sliding up and down all those peaks and ridges. Such a great place to spend a weekend!

    • Hi Paul, thanks for adding this (again). Great work out on the WURL!

  3. 1) Jeremy L Leavitt
    Taylor R Davis
    2) 21 September 2020
    3) 47:27:35
    4) Check out my activity on Strava:

    • Gents, way to push through to the end!

      • Thanks it was epic! Weather slowed us down and our morale got to highs and lows multiple times but we were resolute in at least finishing what we started out. Weather did make for some very cool photos though. North ridge with mist and clouds is amazing, couldn’t even see Big Cottonwood for a good solid 4 hours.

  4. Thanks Jared! Did Catherine’s Pass->Bell Canyon as my first hike in the Wasatch and it’s a great great intro to the range! One note: Where you say “water often” on CalTopo it may be more helpful to say “seasonal springs” or “sometimes water”. Coming from the Sierra I was expecting lots of springs and tarns in this area, and ended up begging water from other hikers instead!

    • Eric, thanks for the suggestion, I have made an update to the terminology on my shared Caltopo map.

  5. Hi Jared.

    My name is Nick Whitney and I just completed your course September 18th, 2020 at around 2:30.
    It took a total of 32 hours 38 minutes.

    I was truly humbled.
    I had completed portions of the route in preparation for this, but when combined together it felt so massive.
    Plenty of highs and lows throughout.
    I felt good leading up to Devil’s Castle, and had my worst low when getting ready to go up Big Horn.

    This has been a huge event in my life that I will always remember. What an amazing experience.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    • Nick, congratulations! Adventures like the WURL tend to stick with us and give us a different perspective on things. It’s like life condensed into a single hike/run. Cheers, Jared

  6. Jared, you and everyone who’s completed this are amazing and inspired me so I completed this bear last night through Draper Ridge. I really wanted to go down Bells but I was unfamiliar with the route and exposure and with it getting dark I chose a familiar path for safety.

    I use the Gaia App. I can’t send a link but I can do a screen shot or GPX file to verify.

    • Hi Josh, great work! Yes, please send date/time of finish, elapsed time and a .gpx file. Thanks, Jared

      Completed 9/18 11pm
      Total time 37.05

      • Hey Jared, I was wondering if the info I sent you worked.


  7. Hey Jared, I finished the WURL with Matthew Larson on Sept 13th around 7:30 AM. Total time was 28 hrs 21 minutes. Full details & pictures on Strava:

    It wasn’t pretty but we were both happy to complete the WURL for the first time. Neither of us had completed the stretch from Hidden to Pfeiff and the stretch from Upwop to the Notch before this first attempt. I would definitely advise anyone who hasn’t completed all of the sections before to do that last section in the day light at least once before attempting the whole thing. Which I think is advised on this blog as well, haha.

    Thank you for all of the great intel and the GPX file on this blog. I uploaded the GPX file to my Suunto 9 and it was a life saver, especially on the last stretch in the dark. I would still be wandering around South Thunder without it. Overall it was an awesome experience and a beautiful route.

    • Jacob, great work and thanks for confirming the recommendation to pre-run the last section. 🙂

      • Correction on the spelling of Matthew Larson’s last name on the completion log above. It’s spelled Larson not Larsen.

  8. Jared,

    Thanks for all of your effort and inspiration. I completed the WURL on 9/12/20 to 9/13/20 in 23:31.

    Kevin Cantwell

    • Kevin, way to return and shave a massive chunk of time off your prior effort. Cheers, Jared

  9. Quick question, what are the ages of the oldest and youngest people to have completed the WURL, anyone know? (asking for a friend)

    • Hi Douglas, my best estimates are as follows:
      – Oldest : 54 (Dave Pease in 2017)
      – Youngest : 21 hrs old (Kiana Christensen 2020)

  10. Hi Jared!

    I completed this amazing route yesterday (9/13/20) in 32 hours and 21 minutes. What an awesome and challenging run. Thanks so much for putting both this and RUFA together as they have been my two biggest sources of joy and inspiration in running.

    • Way to get it done Justine! – Jared

  11. Hey I finished the it! Ahaha
    1. Josh Noteboom
    2. 9/5/2020
    3. Time 30:48.07
    4. Check out my activity on Strava:

    I will update a story on strava. It was my first attempt at any sort of ultra distance race/hike/ scramble. It was a really awesome choice as I’m already wondering what will be next. I’m sure one day I’ll try this again in an attempt to beat 24 hours..

    Thanks a bunch Jared. This was awesome but also the worse.

    • This was supported

    • Way to jump in the deep end with your first endurance project. I look forward to hearing your report when you return. Cheers, Jared

  12. […] example; at the time of this writing I have a goal to do a trail run route known as the WURL in under 24hrs. This goal will demand me to climb 18,000ft of elevation gain in a day; to traverse […]

  13. Found out about WURL 2 days ago, and planning on climbing the ridge early this week with a friend and see what happens. Anyone know if I can get water at Hidden Peak? I saw Tim Rogers mention he didn’t fill up because he didn’t have a mask. I’m assuming as long as we get there before the tram closes we can find water. Anyone suggestions on crucial water stashes I should try to put in before?

    • You can get water at Hidden Peak. A mask is required. I’m not sure if this is closed at night though.

      I recommend for support at Cardiff Pass, Hidden Peak, and Pfiefferhorn. You could add in Catherine’s pass if you feel like it would help.

    • They close the building at 7, maybe 6:30. They also allow rides down the tram most of them time for free.

  14. […] W.U.R.L according to the originator himself, Jared Campbell  […]

  15. Jared – I’ve been wanting to give this a route a go for 5 years or so and finally got the chance this weekend! Amazing adventure, even more fun than I imagined. Finished in 28h37m, and can’t wait to give it another go next season with some solid training under my belt.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us in the Wasatch!

    • Great work Dan!

  16. Elapsed time correction: 37:34:30

  17. Hey Jared,
    Me again. Thanks for all that you do! I took another lap on the WURL, this past sunday. ( 9/6 ) My time was 17hr 46 min.

    • Kevin, way to use that bounce-back pass and throw down a stellar time! – Jared

  18. Hi Jared,

    Thank you so much for putting together such an incredible route. It inspired me to train hard and spend more time on ridgeline then I could have ever imagined. I completed the WURL on 9/6/20 in an elapsed time of 37 hours 30 minutes.

    It was an amazing experience from start to finish. The last section taught me how hard I could push myself both mentally and physically. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends at Hidden Peak and Pfiefferhorn.

    Here is the link to my completed route. I started recording on 9/5/20 at 2:00 am:

    • Strong work! Way to finish. – Jared

  19. Hi Jared, I completed the WURL on 9/5/20. Full details are below. Thank you for opening such an awesome route, and I hope to see you at RUFA or up on Grandeur one of these mornings. -Evan

    Full Name: Evan Sparling
    Date Completed: 9/4-5 2020
    Elapsed Time: 21:30:24
    GPS Link:
    Style: Supported
    Notes: I’m not sure why my GPS came up with 3k less vert than everyone else. I’ve compared my trax to other finishers and everything looks correct, but please let me know if anything looks off.

    • Incredible work Evan! – Jared

  20. Hey Jared.
    Thanks for putting together this wonderful site!
    Finished the WURL this morning (09/07/2020) just past midnight in 24:06.
    Sunrise on the Cottonwood Traverse is one of the most beautiful parts of living in Salt Lake.

    • Stellar effort and time Natalie!

  21. Hi Jared,

    Edward Sousa and Brian DeYoung completed the WURL 9/5/20 in 37 H 22 min.

    • Congrats Edward and Brian! – Jared

  22. Hey Jared! Thank you for the amazing challenge.

    Adam Klosowiak and I (Ameen Moshirfar) have finished the WURL in 39:59:00.

    We ended on 9/06/2020.

    Here is the Strava Link:

    We stopped the strava at the 34:52 at the bottom of the notch because Adam only had 5% battery and we were worried we’d need the battery and didn’t want to lose the strava data. Once we got to the bottom of bells the elapsed time was 39:59.

    This was a humbling experience. We did not sleep or nap for any of it. It was just a slow march on some of the most beautiful terrain we’ve ever experienced.

    Thanks Jared!


    • Great work Ameen and Adam! – Jared

  23. Hey Jared – completed the WURL on 9/2/2020 in 20 hours 56 minutes. It was an incredible day with a full moon and great weather. Big thanks to my wife and friends who met me at Cardiff, Hidden, and the Pfeifferhorn to supply me with food and water.

    • Stellar job Mark!

  24. Hello Jared, I completed the WURL on 8.30.20. It was an a amazing experience, and it was the number one thing on my trail running bucket list. The WURL route is one of the true crown jewels of the wasatch. I also completed it with two others. Melissa Soper and Chris Gladden. My time was 33 hours 29 minutes.

    • Congratulations Jason, Melissa, and Chris!

  25. Hi Jared – Thanks for maintaining this site!
    I had so much fun WURLing yesterday! Finished just under 31 hours…. update the women’s top fives please so I can have my moment of glory before other speedy women report back.

    • Incredible work Katey!

  26. Did the damn thing. Unsupported in 22:24. Brought all my food and a small in-line water filter. 4L got me to Wolverine, dropped down to lake Catherine to refill. Ruined the unsupported by accepting a clutch Mountain Dew on top of the Pfeiff, thanks to Mark Davis, I was hurting. Made it to Bells and a bit more water before walking out. Might have been able to keep it under 20 if I had filled up at HP but I forgot a mask and the bathrooms out back were locked. Went door to door from Pete Groves in about 23.5. No strava but I took a Delorme if you’d like the track, snapped a few pics on my insta @natureofmotion. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Great work Tim! (Almost) unsupported is quite a challenge on a completely dry ridge (this time of year). Yes, please send a link to your Delorme track for historical purposes. Jared

    • Hi Tim and Jared

      I’m searching for beta on parking. Planning to do this self-supported and thus will only have one vehicle. It looks like both termini do not allow overnight parking. Is there a better place to park? It looks like its just under 4 miles between the two THs and I think I’m going to have to walk/run between them. Any tips? Sean

  27. Hey Jared! Jack Loflin and I finished the WURL yesterday. We suffered but are stoked on completing it! Thanks for making the route public – it was epic. 33h23m.

    • Congrats Jack and Graham!

  28. Hey Jared, Thanks so much for putting the route together! There’s a reason this thing is so popular and it’s not just that access and crewing are easy. There is a lot of amazing high quality rock, and the scrambling and rock hopping goes on for miles and miles. I completed this route on 19Aug2020. Being that is was so hot I started the route late in the day on 18Aug2020 and did from Monte Cristo to Red stack in the dark. It helped to beat the heat and get the two major cruxes of the route done during the daylight.

    Here is my strava:


    • Fine work Mike! You’re one of the few who have also done the LA Freeway and can thus make a valid comparison. I appreciate your mini-report on Strava. Thanks, Jared

  29. Hi Jared, I finished the WURL on July 3 via Cherry Canyon descent. Total time was 25:39.

    Check out my activity on Strava:

    Chase Nye

  30. Finished the WURL in 36 hours last weekend (8/8-8/9). Great start (~24 hours) but got zapped by the heat and pace slowed dramatically. My Strava died and so did my GI tract. High recommend to go when it’s cooler. Excited to get back there later in the season. Thanks for the great route, Jared!

  31. Hello Jared! Max Sandweiss and I finished the WURL on Sunday, August 9th, in a time of 19:26! It was an absolute blast. Max posted an excellent recap of the day on Strava, which I included below:

    “Truly a surreal day to cap off the most epic journey I’ve had thus far: the many months of dedication and too many miles to count. Thank you Jared for your vision, creating the most epic objective imaginable. Thanks to our amazing support squads who fueled us with calories and an abundance of pure stoke. Thanks to Ries and Magnus Tviet (the 17 year-old crusher twins) for inspiring me to rediscover my old XC-sexy passion for running… I can’t wait to support you two on your WURL attempt (even if it means giving up my title of youngest finisher😂). Thanks to Cal, my partner in crime. You made this possible for me in so many ways…when, 5 years ago, you first told me about Jared Campbell and the WURL…when you kept me alive during our hardest workouts by hand feeding me your last energy goos…when you pushed me every step yesterday to go spelunking a little deeper into unknown depths of my pain cave. So glad we managed to pull this one off… together🥺. So cool that we found a way to beat Honnold on rock, let’s be honest, we were fighting an uphill battle trying to get him with vertical climbing.”

    Max and I are both super psyched to add our names to the list of WURL finishers. We are certainly in good company.


    • Incredible work Calvin and Max!

  32. Jared, you are my hero for a lot of reasons. My brother in law works at L3. Truly a renaissance man. Shalise Morgan and I just finished the WURL yesterday. After the very special hell of the past couple of days. I am trying to bring it to the next level. Thank you for making me miserable.

    • Great work Whitney and Shalise! Send over pics and/or a story if you write it up. Cheers, Jared

      • I forgot to tell you my last name. It is Durham not Morgan. 😁 Definitely thinking about a real write up. Thanks

  33. Jared, I completed the WURL on August 2, 3. After doing most of the portions over the last several years I finally went for the full route. With the support of some great friends (including Matt who completed it on July 27th) I was able to complete it. If you can send me an email I will send my gpx file and pictures. Thanks for putting together such a great challenge.

    • Hi Brian, I just sent an email so you’d have my address. You can also load it into your online tool of choice and send me a link. Cheers, Jared

  34. Hi Jared I completed the WURL on July 26-27. Thank you for creating such a fun adventure. Hoping to do it a little faster in the future!

    • Great work Matt!

  35. Sorry for the miss print. It should read 45:9:7, years:months:days

  36. I’m approaching 15:09:07 (that’s years:months:days) and figure I only have about 15% of the route to go. I can do it!!!!

  37. Hi Jared! I think I ran into you on this trip! I was hiking down jacobs ladder by myself. I was 16 at the time and asked if I could follow you down. Do you remember this?!

  38. Hey Jared,

    So I finally had a chance to ask Dave Medara about the legend that he’d completed a WURL progenitor route “back it the day,” and he said that while he’d been fond of big traverses around LCC, he’d never done the whole thing. Sorry for any torment I caused your legacy by suggesting you are not the originator of this brilliant endeavor.

    • Chris!

      Thanks for the historical follow-up. I’m glad to hear that you connected with Dave. I will finally be able to sleep now after all these years. 🙂


  39. How do we prove we completed it?
    Who is the youngest people who have done it in under 24 hours?

  40. How do we prove we completed it?
    Who is the youngest people who have done it in under 24 hours?

    • Hi Magnus, I prefer to see a GPS track and some pics.

  41. Hey Jared,

    I complete the WURL on 9-14-19 in 30:43. Thanks for establishing such an awesome route.


  42. Jared :
    Thanks for all of your efforts. This site was crucial in my preparation. I completed the WURL yesterday, on 9/2.

    The strava is in two parts, unfortunately, because my watch died at the end. My total time was 22hr 48min.

    Thanks again!

    • Awesome Kevin! Jared

  43. Jared – It was nice running into you this weekend. Here is a link to my strava post with a write up of my WURL completion. My time ended up being 23 hours and 28 minutes. I would love it if I could be added to the list of completions. Thanks again for creating such an inspiring route and maintaining this blog page!

    • Great work Adam!

  44. Test…

  45. Hi Jared,

    I completed my second spin of the WURL (with a couple of minor deviations) last night (8.19.2019). While I was shooting for sub-24, the fastest I could manage was 26 hrs.

    A couple of notes for others:

    I set out at 10pm, to ensure I get to see the 2nd half in daylight. At my pace, this had me at Cardiff Pass around sunrise and ascending Lone Peak at sunset. I’ll note that route finding on the scrambly sections from Sunbird through White Pine was easier this way.

    The descent gully into Bells looked like it still had snow. Though I see others have gone this way this year already, I chose to take Jacob’s Ladder out.

    David P. Carter

    • Congratulations David! If you have a trip report of some form of GPS track send it over and I’ll add it for historical purposes. Cheers, Jared

  46. I completed the WURL last weekend. Here’s a link to my “trip report.”

  47. Hi Jared,
    I am fairly new to long distance mountain endurance events, I am mainly an Olympic speed skater, and a mountain lover on the side. I’ve been wanting to try and do the WURL for several years, and am planning to make an attempt at it and the women’s FKT early August this year. I am beginning to project the route, but would greatly appreciate if you are willing to share any of your route notes, especially on the Ferguson/Stair’s Gulch top out, Devil’s Castle, Bighorn Peak, and the Bell’s exit.
    Thank you very much for all the info you have on this page, as well as for creating such an awesome challenge.

    • Hey Maria. I’m happy to share if you haven’t already done it or Jared hasn’t already helped. Email me at Good luck!

      • Mark,

        So sorry to have missed your entry! I’ve updated the site, please check for accuracy.


  48. Hey Jared, I also started the WURL on 9/16/2018, but was much slower than Adam 😛

    I am putting together a trip report for SuperTopo which will include some photos, nice maps and go-pro footage of a lot of the scrambling of the route. If you are interested I can let you know when the report is up if you want to link to it or note my record-breaking slow time.

    The Strava track time is messed up, but my total time (including all stops) was 46.5 hrs. I also tagged Storm Mtn, the actual Flagstaff Mtn high point, Sunset Pk, Bastard Son, Chipman, & Enniss before descending the Cherry Canyon trail.

    • Subtracting from the major breaks & (mostly) issues, moving time was about 34.5 hrs according to trimming of the longest stops in my GPS track. ::Sigh::

      • I haven’t yet made a shorter video of the WURL, but this is a longer set of 6 videos of my experience doing it:

      • Full playlist:

  49. Jared, here is a fun gopro vid Pete made of our wurl.

  50. Hey Jared,

    Keith Luscinski and I completed the WURL on September 15/16 in 27 hours and 29 minutes! Short of our 24 hour goal, we took turns pushing each other through nighttime bonks and slogged to the finish. The second half feels tedious in the dark and takes much longer than anticipated!

    We started at 8am on Saturday and finished around 11:30am on Sunday, has anyone reversed this and started a few hours before sunset so you can hit the second half in the daylight?

    Thanks for all the beta on this site and establishing such a remarkable line!

    Here is our Strava link:


  51. Hi Jared,

    I completed this on September 8 in 31 h 28 min. I met a fellow WURLer, Danielle Bradshaw, on the route and we did the majority of it together. I was struggling near the end and she charged through the finish. Not sure of her time but it was well before me.


  52. Jared I ran/hiked/scrambled the Wurl! Left Friday at 7am and finished Saturday at 2pm.
    I started with a friend who unfortunately wasn’t able to continue after dromedary, luckily a stranger and now friend started at the exact same time as we did and I caught him on Monte Cristo. We WURLed to bells and I ran out while he hiked. It was a great adventure but I definitely should have pre run some of sections after the pfeifferhorn as that was all new territory and route finding was tricky. Planning to do it again next year with a goal time. Thanks for inspiring 31 hours of mountaintop adventure!

  53. Hey Jared, did the WURL yesterday, Aug. 31. Thanks for the all-time pain party! Total time 26h 25min.
    Strava 1:
    Strava 2:

  54. Hey Jared

    My partner and I completed the WURL Thursday Aug 30th. Peter McMullin and Will Hanson. We stayed true to the ridge and hit all prescribed high points/routes. Not fast, but ultimately satisfying? What an epic adventure! Thanks to you!!

    Check out my run on Strava:

    Pete McMullin

    • Great work Peter and Will!

  55. Hi Jared,
    I pulled it off! Slower than the 24 hour goal, but felt pretty good along the way and didn’t think of bailing once. Such a fun/challenging/interesting route! I owe you a debt of gratitude for coming up with this line and posting the beta/reports on it. Also, thanks again for the words of encouragement before I headed out. This has been a long time goal of mine, and it feels great to check it off. It was painful, but I enjoyed almost every moment (falling my way down the Lone Peak notch in the dark definitely added to the adventure). I started shortly after 3 am 8/25/18 and ended shortly before 9 am on 8/26/18. My total time was 29 hrs, 30 min. My watch died right as I got to lower Bell’s, so I had to use the phone to record the last push.

    And sorry to ramble, but I have to mention my support as well. Couldn’t have done it without Morgan Millar, Robin & Chris Steinman, Dale Smith, and Brad White (who flew out from sea level to keep me company from the start to Cardiff).

    • Congrats Paul, fine work! Thanks for sending over the details.

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  57. Hey Jared,

    Just getting back to you about my attempt on 7/8/17. Changed it to 7/9/17 due to some inclement weather. Came in at 22:55, sub 24 as I was shooting for. Carried a friends GPS along the way, here is the link. Will post some photos shortly too.

    • Wow, nice work Chris! I’ve updated the page, make sure I captured things correctly. Jared

  58. Hey Jared,

    Haven’t looked at your site in a while. It’s amazing the things you can do working a night shift. Looks like the WURL has seen lots of activity the last couple years. After 25+ years of crawling around the Wasatch peaks I did the WURL. I started just after 0400 on 08/25/17. It was a stunning day. Lots of blue sky and puffy white clouds. Lynn met me with food and water at Catherine’s pass. I misread some of the towers in early Devils Castle so got to Snowbird a bit later than expected. It was smooth sailing into the night. I met my good friend Elliott Barcikowski on top of White Pine Baldy. We had a hilarious night. Got part way down South Thunder and in the dark realized we had missed the true summit. So back up we went for the true summit. As usual, Bighorn was a bit of a curfuffle, especially in the dark. Topped out on Lone Peak just before sunrise. Had done some recon a couple weeks earlier and there was still snow in the Bells descent gulley so I opted for the Cherry logging trail exit. Apparently snow had melted out in the interim. No matter, had never been all the way down the Cherry trail so it was a nice exit. I finished in 29:17 and had 38+ miles and over 21000 vertical. I couldn’t have done it without the great support of Lynn and Elliott. One of your other recent posts wondered about age of oldest WURLers. I’m 54. By the way, Elliott got after it a week later and finished down Bells in the 23 hour range. I’m sure he will contribute something when he gets back from Africa.

    Here’s my Movescount link

    • Great work Dave! I am thrilled to hear that you did the WURL. Check this page and make sure I captured things correctly. Also, have Elliot send me further details when he has time. Jared

  59. Hey Jared,

    Eric Edelman and myself (Tyler Call) completed the WURL with Matt Mueller on Sept 4 (started at 8:20am) and finished on Sept 5. Our running time was 32:50 minutes. Would love to be included on your completion list. Below is the link to my strava file. And for the record, I’m 48 years old in case anyone is keeping track of the oldest WURL completers 😉

  60. This is a great website to map out the peaks. There are 32 named peaks noted along the WURL. What an adventure!! Finally finished the traverse in Sept 2017, what an experience. Thanks

  61. Hello Jared,

    Thanks a ton for the info on this page – it is invaluable.

    Carolyn Pino (of Denver, CO) and I completed the route from Ferguson-to-Bells in roughly 36 hours, starting around 7:30 am Obviously, we took our time, and were slowed by a lack of familiarity with the route (I reconned the approach up Ferguson a couple of weeks before, but not much else). A few images are at:

    David Carter, SLC

    • Sorry – dates were Sept 2 & 3. We started around 7:30 am on the 2nd and exited Bells around 7 pm on the 3rd.

  62. Hey Jared, planning to set off for the WURL this coming weekend 9/9/17, Shooting for sub 24. I will report back after the date and let you know how it went.

  63. […] exploring the ridge to White Baldy was a go. I knew that this ridge is traversed as part of the WURL, but how technical it would prove I was unsure. Thankfully, though it at times looked pretty rough […]

  64. Jared, Ian Farris finished the WURL this morning with a time of 29:38. He got very sick on Thunder so for safety reasons he went down Cherry Logging trail to Orson Smith TH…He would never post he finished but he did. Due to bad luck he doesn’t have a gpx but I started with him and parted ways at Dromedary (I have gpx and photos) He had a Garmin live tracker that several people followed until it died around White Baldy. His brother met him at Pfeifferhorn and he has proof of being on Bighorn (that’s for him to tell). He lives within walking distance of Orson so he just went home. As proof of legitimacy I can share this gpx sample of the adventures Ian does plus many more.


    • Excellent! Thanks for the note Nick and great work Ian.

  65. […] caches for solo or minimally support efforts, and similar to objectives such as Nolans 14 and the WURL, you can do it anytime you like.  While it is a challenging route, it is not technical.  Portions […]

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  68. weather looks good, anyone been up on these trails over the past few days, wanting to tick this off my list before the snow and ice set it. what’s the ice situation looking like right now?

  69. Hey Jared, cool site and cool ridge loop. Did the wurl Sept 18 into the 19, 27 hrs flat. Fun, long, tough day, awesome views, of course. My support friends/partners were awesome!

  70. Jared,

    I completed the WURL yesterday in 23h 18min. I was solo until the ridge before Pfeifferhorn, where Tyler Curley joined me for the remainder. Here is a link to my MovesCount record:

    – Brennan Crellin

    P.S. my Strava record is here, but its severly messed up (3 hours?!?) for some reason:

    • Excellent work Brennan! If you end up doing a write-up or post pictures let me know so I can post links. Cheers, Jared

  71. My friend and I are planning to hike the WURL this year (you inspired us :). We are making t-shirts to go along with the hike. I understand you coined the name “Wasatch ultimate ridge linkup” and wanted to make sure it was okay to include it in the shirt? Feel free to contact me for details. Thank you.

  72. […] going to attempt the WURL, and I hope to complete it in less than 32 hours. The WURL stands for “Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup,” and in my own words, is a ridiculously cool but very long objective just outside of Salt Lake City, […]

  73. Hi Jared,
    This is Lubos, Thank you for all the detailed information. Reading your page totally inspired me to make plans to run the WURL this year. Currently Celeste and I are plan on doing it on August 20, 2016.
    Cheers, Lubos

    • This is Lubos again. It is July 4 weekend and I am going to attempt WURL on Sunday, July 3 finishing hopefully in the morning of July 4. I will start at 4 AM and plan to complete in 24 hours. I will see how it goes. I stashed water and food at Kathrine’s pass, my only refill option. I am trying to do WURL completely on my own.

      • Beat of luck Lubos! Let us know how it goes/went.


        On Saturday, July 2, 2016, Jared Campbell's Blog wrote:


      • So this was a good first experience. I quit after 18 hours at Devil”s Castle, it was 8 PM and I was not ready to spend the cold night along the way.This is a hard route, I will attempt in August again, I estimate my total time for next time of 30 hours. I think I have now good data to plan the next trip. Congratulations to all of you who successfully completed the route.

      • Great work Lubos and thanks for the update. Keep us posted for your August attempt. Jared

        On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 10:45 AM, Jared Campbell's Blog wrote:


      • Great attempt Lubos!

      • Gentlemen, I deeply admire your fitness capabilities.We did another attempt this weekend to complete WURL but we bailed after all. We started at Ferguson at 3,30 AM on Saturday morning and it took us 4 hours to summit on Twin Peaks. We continued climbing the ridge, followed exactly the GPS data and after 16 hours we only made it to Katherine’s pass. We had a few friends helping us with supplies, we had enough water and food, and we had pacers. A pretty awesome team. After 20 hours I was at Sugarloaf, it was 11 PM and that is where I decided to go home. I knew, my total time would be over 40 hours. Celeste kept going with her team to Pfeifferhorn. She eventually ran out of time on Sunday and decided to exit at Alpine, at the Schoolhouse Spring. I think I might try one more time in future and Celeste as well.
        Congratulation to everybody who was able to finish in the past. WURL is a real challenge for me.

  74. Also…besides for Twight and Anderson, has anyone tried this in winter/spring to your knowledge? Or at least summiting all the peaks involved, if not traversing the entire ridge? Sounds fun, tiring and involved.

  75. So I ended up bailing right after Sugarloaf…I tripped between Dromedary and Monte Cristo, managed to stay on the ridge but twisted/smashed my left ankle pretty good. Anyway, I continued onward, passed all the eaiser terrain in the middle, but l essentially limped up and down Devil’s Castle right at dawn. I didn’t think it would be safe to go over White Baldy or Lone Peak so I came down. I’m still second guessing myself, I felt good besides for the ankle but it’s swollen today and still hard to stand on so I think I made the right choice. Looking forward to finishing it next time!

  76. […] have wanting to give the WURL a solid effort for many years.  I personally feel that it is one of the most inspiring lines in […]

  77. Starting the WURL this afternoon Jared. Figured it might be my last chance this year, I’ll let you know Wednesday if I make it all the way!

    • Awesome Luke! I’m eager to hear how it goes/went.

      On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 2:21 PM, Jared Campbell's Blog wrote:


  78. […] had been wanting to give the WURL a solid effort for many years.  I personally feel that it is one of the most inspiring lines in […]

  79. Holy shit Jared!! Nice work on the new FKT. Just missed you on the Pfeiff, I was supporting some friends on their successful attempt and they said they saw you come blazing through.

  80. Jared. Well I did it. WURL, August 30th.

  81. Nice to see that you went back for a repeat, Jared. Solid effort adding many years, yet knocking off a bunch of time!

    Since you note that you consider a Jacob’s Ladder exit legitimate (many of us have wondered what constitutes legit), I’ll pass along that Jason Dorais was possibly the first person to do the route twice, accompanying Lars Kjerengtroen and Tom Goth on their successful go, a year after Jason’s first completion. Some outstanding photos in that trip report as JD lugged a real camera around, because adding an extra 3 pounds is his style.

    Nice effort compiling the successes and near misses. I suspect there’s a bit more to be filled in…

    • Thanks Adam!

  82. Jared:
    Court and I did it together on the same day, sept 13. He did finish several hours ahead of me as I was very slow coming down bells. Here is my report.

    • Hi Spencer, Thanks for passing along your report. Aside from the mug shot of yours truly, it’s a great write-up! 🙂 I see that you also recently did the La Sal Linkup, awesome!

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