Posted by: runuphill | February 21, 2009

Moab Red Hot 50K+



Last weekend (Feb 14th, 2009) was the Moab Red Hot an excellent race and one of the the only trail runs I know of in February.  As such it draws quite a crowd and some insanely talented runners.  Many folks (myself included) spend the day trying to remember how to move their legs again after several months of taking it easy.  The weather reports had everyone expecting the worst.  We all anticipated it being in the high 30s with rain and/or snow for the race.  Much to our surprise it turned out to be absolutely perfect conditions.  Many goods friends showed up like Roch/Catherine, Tim Rude, Kevin Lawlor, Kevin Shilling, Erik Storheim, Karl/Cheryl, Becky, Nancy Russell,  and on and on…..

Mindy rallied the 33K and was in great shape in the end, I think she should have taken another lap.  I opted for the slightly longer 50K+ (34 miles) version and slogged my way to the finish line.  A multi-year hip injury had me feeling less than ideal over the beautiful course.  I’ve discovered that it always takes me a couple months to get my body working properly.

All in all, a fantastic weekend with great people and beautiful scenery.  It left us extremely excited for spring.

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