Posted by: runuphill | October 5, 2008

The Great Chimney

It’s great having Ryan back in SLC.  We took off up Neff’s Canyon bright and early on October 3rd, bound for the Great Chimney a super-classic journey on Mount Olympus.  It had been years since I had been up North Fork, but the memories of great times when I was in my early teens were still vivid.  We did some good bushwacking and scrambling and found ourselves at the base of the The Great Chimney.  It’s an easy scramble (5.7) up to the very defined ridge just northeast of the north summit of Olympus.  Once on the ridge the climbing is still fantastic, perhaps some of the best quartzite ridge around.  From the north summit some good scrambling, both up and down, leads to the true summit (the south summit) of Mt. Olympus.  We then ran down the standard trail and both got blisters from our “just tight enough for climbing, but too tight for downhill running” Exum Ridges.  What a grand adventure.

Picture here.


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  2. was that flag put there in your childhood too?

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