Posted by: runuphill | September 14, 2008

New Teton Circumnavigation Record

On September 13th, 2008 Luke Nelson of Pocatello Idaho and Evan Honeyfield of Idaho Falls, both extremely fast and talented runners, broke the current record on the Teton Circumnavigation run.  They completed the ~34 mile run with 8kft of vertical in an astonishing 6 hrs 10 minutes, shaving off a full 19 minutes off the record.  They started and finished at Lupine Meadows, heading up Cascade Canyon, over to Hurricane Pass, Buck Mtn Pass, down to Death Canyon, and back to Lupine Meadows via the Valley Trail.  Map here.

Fast Runnings of the Teton Circumnavigation


Fine work Luke and Evan!  Now it looks like 6 hrs is the number to break.  Anyone… anyone….  There might be another good weekend left this year….  If not it’ll have to wait until 2009.

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