Posted by: runuphill | June 5, 2004

WURL – Attempt # 2

The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL)
Attempt # 2 – June 5th 2004

I call it the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup or WURL for short.  To me it represents a challenging personal goal that takes place in my very own backyard.. the Wasatch Mountains. First thought of during an adventure on the ridge defining the south side of little cottonwood with good friend Ryan McDermott, I thought to myself, this has to be done. Starting in the seldom-traveled Ferguson canyon, the route ascends quickly up to the ridgeline that makes up the northern side of Def Smith Canyon. Once on the ridge, you make your way up to BF Twin Peaks, which marks the 1st of some 20+ named peaks to completion. From BF Twin, the route heads due east towards Albion Basin taking on the summits of Sunrise, Dromendary, Monte Cristo, and Superior. This section is incredible for its extremely defined quartzite ridge with spectacular views in all directions. From Superior, the route descends down to Flagstaff peak, over to Davenport hill, the honeycomb peaks, Mt. Wolverine, Tuscarora and then crosses over Catherinexs Pass. From here you climb up to Point Supreme, over to Devils Castle, Sugarloaf, Mt. Baldy, Hidden Peak, and AF Twins. At this point, the route turns back westward and heads over Red Top, Red Baldy and White Baldy. This section is awesome given the wonderfully rugged terrain, but also the sharp transition from dark red quartzite to perfect white granite. From White Baldy, you head down the western ridge, and over to Pfeifferhorn (I stopped just before Pfeiff). From Pfeiff, you cruise over to S. Thunder, Upper Bells Canyon Peak, and then tag the summit of Lone Peak before heading down and out Bells Canyon.

I have to send a special thanks to Joi who met me on the ridge above Red Pine lake at midnight and held me while I shivered for an hour or two until the decision to bail was made. More than ideal amounts of snow, soaking feet, loss of appetite, and me just being a complete pansy are to blame for my lack of success. However, I had a blast on one of the best peak linkups I’ve been on to date.

For pictures of the journey click here.

Update: I returned on August 7, 2004 and completed the journey, story here.



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  2. […] heat and rain in the Wasatch. Both of which have been making it very difficult to commit to the WURL (contrived and first completed by Jared Campbell). Well that and the mind telling me to […]

  3. A friend and I would like to attempt your WURL. It looks like a fantastic adventure. If you get this, could you email me at so that we can discuss?

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