Door5 existed as a webpage for over a decade.  Much like this blog it was a simple collection of pictures, stories, maps and other hopefully interesting content.  I turned it into a blog in June of 2008 and am slowly porting all of the old content over.  Very little has been ported to date.  If you are looking for something that used to exist on Door5 and you don’t see it here, let me know (by posting a comment on this page) and I’ll either send it to you or update the blog to include it.

I am also starting to use Picassa quite a bit for photos.  Click the image below to see my uploads to date.  Again, this is growing rapidly as I bring in old photos….


  1. What a cool inspiration! Keep it up

  2. Hi Jared, Curious if you new Brent Higgins in Salt lake back in 2006. He was my older Brother and talked all the time about is Friend Jared. I was looking into some of the Ultra Marathons around Colorado and stumbled across your blog!

  3. Hi Jared,

    This is Bronson with Calisthenics Magazine, I was wondering if you would be available for a quick interview?

  4. Hey Jared, great event last weekend. It was spectacular. I hope you and Ryan keep doing it for many years.

  5. Jared, when you get a minute, will you transfer the Evolution range trip? There is no rush. I would just like to see them again. thanks buddy!

  6. Run Forest Run!!!!

  7. Jared – great update! The Zicicle looks really fun. I need info if you have a minute.

    As always – its fun to see where you’ve been… and fast!

  8. NICE blog site!
    Love all the pix!
    You’re a NUT!

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