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Zion, with a tiny bit of creativity

Our ritual anniversary trip had finally arrived and Thursday evening we left SLC bound for Zion National Park, our home away from home.  The weather forecast looked incredible: Friday – partly cloudy, ~70s, and breezy; Saturday – rain down low and snow up high; Sunday – sunny and sure to be “alive” after the rain.  After years of building a relationship with the Park you can’t help but be drawn to experience it when mother-nature is in all her different moods.  After-all, Zion is what it IS only because of the mighty power of wind and water.  To visit the park only during clear and sunny conditions would be like only talking to your friends only when they are happy. which would be a fairly shallow relationship.  Meaningful relationships involve a deeper understanding and connection.


  • Friday : Mindy/Phoebe/Catherine had a nice hike on the Chinle Trail while I did a super linkup from Springdale to Gifford Canyon via Johnson ridge, the Watchman, No Mans Mountain, Stevens Wash and Hepworth Wash.  Complicated terrain!
  • Saturday : Our family did an awesome hike in the rain up Many Pools canyon.  Mindy then ran from the east entrance to Weeping Rock, and I got in an evening run in the rain/snow up Lady Mountain.
  • Sunday : Family hike up the West Rim Trail, then I snuck in another jaunt up the Lady before the drive home.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking

Slab running terrain on the east face of  Watchman ridge

Slab running terrain on the east face of Watchman ridge

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BoSho 2014

What a beautiful day it was for the classic Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon.  Pictures from the event here.  Mindy had a solid run and was all smiles as usual.  I was on daddy duty and did some nice hikin’ and photo shootin’.  Always a treat to get to see the local trail running crew.

Christian Johnson in the early miles of the BoSho 2014

BoSho legend Christian Johnson in the early miles of the 2014 event

The incredible Emily Sullivan, cranking uphill about halfway through the course.

Athlete extraordinaire Emily Sullivan, cranking uphill about halfway through the course.

Our little family at mile 21 of the BoSho

Our little family at mile 21 of the BoSho

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Barkley 2014

The handshake with Laz I worked 57 hrs and 50 minutes for

Handshake with Laz, some 57 hrs and 50 minutes after we started

Another soul shaping adventure at the Barkley Marathons.  It’s impossible to capture the true essence of the experience in written form.  Suffice it to say, it was magical!  In the nearly 58 hrs it took me to finish 5 laps we had nearly every type of weather (torrential rain, crazy wind, snow, ice, sunshine, AND heat!) and I experienced the full spectrum of physical and emotional states.  I definitely got my $1.60 worth.  🙂

Huge thanks to Laz for creating one of the most unique events on the planet.

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Zioneering – March 2014

Buzz and I in Zion - March, 2014

Jared and Buzz : Zion – March, 2014

Buzz and I snuck down to Zion for a quick 2 day trip over the March 15th weekend.   Our first objective was the “TTT” Temple Throne Traverse.  An objective simply can’t stand on its own without a good acronym to reference it.  The “TTT”, as Buzz called it, is in reference to the fact that it starts by tagging the summit of East Temple and finishes on Great White Throne with a few peaks (Mt. Spry, Twin Brother, Mountain of the Sun, Deertrap) in-between.  Whether the route is actually a “Traverse” can be argued….  We descended Hidden Canyon.  Buzz has already done a great write-up so I’ll simply add a topo map, and note that the route is ~17.5 miles long, and a caution that it is a serious route with high-consequence scrambling!

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RUFA 2014 – The Power of People

Action Photo

Climbing up Grandeur on Lap 2

Another Running Up For Air Challenge (RUFA) in the books!  Once again I am reminded of the incredible community of outdoor enthusiasts, trail runners, and clean air advocates we have here in Salt Lake City.  Experiencing such positive energy all the way from the parking lot to the summit of Grandeur Peak makes this a very special day.

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RUFA – 2014 Intentions


2/28/2014 Update

  • Despite the sub-optimal weather, we’re still on for tomorrow.  When has a little rain/snow stopped RUFA?  That’s right, never!
  • You can track my whereabouts via SPOT and this spreadsheet which will be updated throughout Sat & Sun.

Some things just seem impossible don’t they?  One such thing is solving the unhealthy air pollution problem that plagues the Salt Lake Valley during winter thermal inversions.   (See The Air We Breathe video, which aired on KUED).  Thankfully, most people finally “get it” and are now asking “how can I help”?  The best resource available comes from a local non-profit group called Breathe Utah.  Check out their “Air Info” website to come up to speed on the science, the health effects, and to learn what you can do to help.  Breathe Utah is a group of talented, passionate, and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly and selflessly to improve the situation for all of us.

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2014 – Grandeur – Running Up For Air

Salt Lake City on a clear night shot from part-way up Grandeur Peak.  January 2014, Jared Campbell

Salt Lake City on a clear night as seen from part-way up Grandeur Peak. January 4th, 2014, Jared Campbell

Mark your calendars for the 2014 Grandeur Peak Running Up For Air challenge!  This year’s challenge will take place on March 1st, 2014.

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2013 – A ReCap of an Incredible Year

WOW, what a year!  While I wasn’t very good at maintaining the blog, behind the scenes I was having a fantastic year.  In fact, 2013 was hands-down the most amazing year of my life.  There were great runs, grand adventures, international travel, an incredible Fall in the Wasatch, trips to the Tetons, clean energy work, a handful of fun design/home projects, etc.  But the climax came at the end of December when our baby Phoebe was born.  This write-up is meant to be a quick summary of the highlights of 2013.


Most of the month was spent working and and trying to get ready for this year’s Running Up For Air challenge (which took place in March).

One January highlight was a big dump of snow SLC received at low elevations which led to some unique skiing on the peaks immediately adjacent to the city, including Mount Wire, which Mindy, Ryan and I simply couldn’t miss.  Photos

Mt. Wire with Mindy and Ryan - Jan 12, 2013

Mt. Wire with Mindy and Ryan – Jan 12, 2013


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Spain/Andorra – 2013

Mindy and I on the Cavalls de Vent course.

Mindy and I on the Cavalls del Vent course.

Mindy and I are having the time of our lives in the Spanish/Andorra Pyrenees.  Pictures here.

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Zironman – Success

The Zironman team atop North Guardian Angel at 1:18 AM

The team atop North Guardian Angel at 1:18 AM

At 8:39PM on 5/26/2013 after 28 hours and 2 minutes, Buzz, Ryan, and I finished a route we call “Zironman”.  Zion National Park has held a tight grip on my soul for most of my life and in the recent decade has lured me in to experience her multi-faceted beauty.  This route embodies the type of excitement, adventure, effort, teamwork, and requisite planning that I have come to look for.  The idea of this route sprouted out of past adventures the three of us have had together, which adds to my satisfaction with the fact that it was the three of us that executed it almost perfectly.

Buzz wrote a great account of the adventure, so if you’d like to learn more check it out!  In an effort to not repeat the details Buzz captured so well, I’ll simply focus on several of the aspects of the adventure that stand out to me.

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