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  1. Hey there! I am writing from Brazil to tell you i am quite impressed about the history of the Barkley’s marathons. I didn’t know anything about this marathon before yesterday, but since I watched the movie, last night, I couldn’t stop researching about the race and the finisher’s lives. So, i have found your blog and red most of the posts. Well, whatch made me write to you is that i have a friend, he has done a lot of mountain ultra marathon recently, and he has finished all of then very well. He is very focused and i bet he will train and can finish the barkley marathon next year. Well, the point is… How to apply for that???? You may receive a lot of questions like that, some of them with a better English than mine…. I didn’t find any new about any Brazilian who have already participate of Barkley Marathon, i hope my friend can do. Oh, yes, his name is Rafael da Cunha and he lives in Sao Paulo. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. Looking to be the sacrificial lamb at Barkley. I know it has just finished this years but the last couple of years I have failed at when to apply. From what I have seen it looks to be around the last Friday in December in years past. Any help or hints would be great. Thank you and good luck in all your upcoming endeavors.

  3. Hi Jared.

    Do you have any information on how to apply to get into the Barkley’s Marathons? I’ve been looking up the website and basically its saying to get a hold of someone that has already competed in it for information on getting an application. I would love your help:)

  4. Hi Jared!

    I am a reunion island guy, also found of trail and ultra trail races. I saw your performance (amazing) on the barkley’s this year, and the idea came about to talk to you about a really nice trail to do on my island: “Le grand Raid”. It’s a 100 mile run, with beautiful landscapes and nice people! I would be honored to see you one day, running that race which means a lot to me! Hoping you will be planning to do it in the future, please let me know if you do it.

    Enjoy and take care

    Nartrouve (it means bye in reunion island style) 🙂

  5. Jared, I publish a blog: This Running Life. Would you allow me to send you 5 questions via email for an interview series I do on the blog? thisrunninglife (at) gmail

  6. A little birdy in Boulder informed me that Nolans14 is a go for you Leadville weekend. Best of luck, and definitely post up on how it went. I am planning to go for it on Aug 31st.

  7. Jared, it’s your cuz brenda. I want to send you a wedding announcement but need you to text me your address. (Can’t get a hold of your mom either) Thanks!
    (801) 654-0630

  8. […] Calendar […]

  9. Hey Jared! This is Melodi (Park) Christensen from the Bountiful days. I was supposed to meet Heather (your sis) today for lunch (she wasn’t able to make it) and in the email she mentioned you just won the Hardrock 100! CONGRATULATIONS! My husband is into trail running and we are proud of you! Roger is actually coming into town today. He lives in Alaska. I hope you are doing great..I am sure you are! I would love to someday hear about your run. Take Care – Melodi 🙂

  10. Are you looking for a partner to do the Grand Traverse? Good luck on the speed record.

  11. Jared, what happend to the interesting articles you posted on Battery powered vehicles, 2 and 4 wheeles? Looks like you cleared all the good stuff off your blog.

    Just curious. Cory Higgins.

  12. Hi, Jared.

    I’m interested in doing the Bair Gutsman this year, but don’t know where to sign up for it. The official website does not appear to be maintained. Where do I sign up?


  13. Hi Jared, this is Elinor Fish, managing editor at Trail Runner magazine. I am wondering if you are going to be in Salt Lake during the Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow (Sat. August 9). I am organizing an event for trail/ultrarunners and want to invite you!

    Please contact me and I can fill you in on the details.

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