Posted by: runuphill | August 10, 2015

John Muir Trail

Ty and I on Forester Pass - JMT 2015

Forester Pass – JMT 8/11/2015


Short Version

  • We bailed via the Taboose Pass exit and ultimately made it out okay
  • Medical issues : I contracted a chest cold in the days prior to our departure which I wasn’t too concerned about.  From the beginning, however, all systems were not go.  I figured I’d give it a good 24 hours to see if it would turn around.  Sadly, my condition worsened to a state where pushing further on such a committing route would not have been safe.  Symptom’s : nasty cough w/ lung material coming up, head-ache, and multiple (increasing in temperature) fevers.
  • Ty was having a different set of challenges for the day so both of knew that an exit was the right call.
  • Yes, we’re bummed, but as Ty says, “there’s no such thing as a bad day in the mountains.”
  • We had a pretty awesome “reverse Badwater-esque” exit out to highway 395 from Taboose Canyon.  If my fever weren’t enough, the conditions during our exit sealed the deal for some excellent Badwater training (i.e. marching into a fiery furnace)
  • I’m reminded, yet again, how much I appreciate my great friend Ty Draney
  • I’m also reminded, yet again, of how fortunate I am to be able to explore such beautiful and wild places

Long(er) Version

  • Coming

It’s finally here!  Tomorrow (8/11/2015) morning Ty Draney and I will embark on the John Muir Trail.  Below are several resources to track and gauge our progress:

We’re going south to north and unsupported.  We’ll have the SPOT in “track” mode so it should send an update every ~10 min.


  1. Jared, what happened out there? Would love to hear how your FKT attempt went…hope you guys are both OK.

  2. Good Luck Jared!!!

  3. Good luck you guys. I will be following your progress. Have fun😀

  4. Have a great time!

  5. Be safe and enjoy every step! We are all cheering from a far.

  6. Jared, great to hear you are going for the JMT. what you said above opens up a sort of can o’ worms. many of us feel an unsupported attempt must be done solo. will this be a team unsupported attempt ? a new category ?


      “There is already a well-established term to describe efforts involving only one person — and that is “solo”! A traveler who is both alone and without material support is “solo and unsupported”.

      I feel it is unnecessarily confusing to use the term unsupported to conflate material and other psychological or strategic factors (like sharing gear). It obscures the important differences between the types of support. And in this respect, I think it actually serves to deemphasize the importance of a partner or team for long adventures, rather than emphasizing its importance, which I think some are trying to do.” – Greg Wagner

  7. Best wishes for success however you define it 🏃🏻

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