Posted by: runuphill | January 30, 2015

Running Up For Air (RUFA) 2015

Above the Inversion

Above the pollution looking south from the summit of Grandeur Peak.

At 6AM on February 28th, 2015 I intend to begin another 24 hour challenge on the west side of Grandeur Peak.   I encourage anyone to come join me for what is guaranteed to be a memorable day.  Your quads will remind you of it for days (if not weeks)! This is not a race, nor is it an organized event in any fashion.  Come and go as you please.  Obviously come prepared to take care of yourself just as you would on any other day in the mountains. The Route I’ll be following the route as shown on the Salt Lake County map located at the west side trailhead, which can be found here. Shelter Bob Palais has graciously offered to open his doors to those who come to participate.  And, his house could not possibly be in a more ideal location, less than 100 feet from than trail!  We’ll have a large pot of soup and basic hot drinks in his garage.  If you ask nicely, I’m sure he’d let you store a “drop-bag” there filled with whatever clothing, food, and equipment you decide you need.  Food contributions will gladly be set out for other runners/hikers to enjoy.  See the map below (red line) to find Bob’s house. Parking So as to not overwhelm the tiny parking lot at the trail-head, I strongly suggest that you park at Eastwood Elementary and walk the 0.5 miles to the trailhead or Bob’s house to drop off anything.

Trailhead and Parking (suggested)

Trailhead and Parking (suggested)

Pollution buildup over just a 5 hr window.

Pollution buildup over just a 5 hr window.


A respiratory infection sadly meant that I wouldn’t be running the event myself.  Rather, I ended up serving food and drinks for all the wonderful folks who came out.

Name Summits
Luke Nelson 6
Ty Draney 5
Kyle Markesitch 4
Austin Madsen 4
Erik Storheim 4
Nate Pack 2
Brian Peterson 3
Jeff Brown 3
Ben Lewis 3
Doug Oliver 3
Roch Horton 3
Tetsuro Ogata 3
Dale Heisler 3
Jason Eichorst 3
Ryan McDermott 3
Abby Rideout 3
Vinze Clortho 2
Jack Carrick 2
Josh Alread 2
Drew Lewis 2
Shannon Wells 2
Mike Kampian 1
Andrea Kampian 1
Laney Markesitch 1
Thomi Liebich 1
Keith Sanders 1
Joel Pierson 1
Julia Pierson 1
Zoe Adler 1
Mindy Campbell 1
Bob Palais 1
Bethany Lewis 1
Josh Bradrofd 1
Tyler Lamprecht 1
Bart Hamatake 1
Krista 1
Liz 1
Anatoliy Zharkikh 1
Dave Ellis 0.9
Teresa Hicks 0.7
Charlie Caughlin 0.8
Steve Rideout 0.2

Serving Quesadillas


  1. Hi Jared – I’m a writer with GQ working on a series about athletes in intense training. We’d love to interview you about ultramarathon training – if you can email me at lwdarby[at]gmail[dot]com I can give you more information and some examples of the stories we’re doing.


  2. How many summits did you get this year?

  3. Hope it goes well! Odd weather for SLC – we’ve got 53″ so far this month – we got your snow!

  4. Go Jared!!!! I hope it is not too cold again this year!

  5. I love this idea! I’m going to see what I can do to be there. With a 2-hour drive, it might be more responsible for me to run up and down the mountain near my house instead.

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