Posted by: runuphill | October 5, 2012

Millwood 100 – The Fifth Spoke

Luckily the Fall weather gods have been good to us in Utah, thus permitting me to have a go at the Millwood 100 tomorrow (10/6/2012).  Millwood will be the fifth and final long distance battle in my 2012 Summer of Slog Challenge, which consists of Barkley, Hardrock, Nolans, Wasatch, and Millwood.  Staged in my backyard, this incredible route has thwarted those who’ve tried it until the incredible Erik Storheim established the first single-push completion on July 7th, 2012 in 38 hrs 56 min.  I love every step of this gnarly 100 mile route which boasts a solid ~40kft of gain winding through many of my favorite parts of the Wasatch.

My goal is to finish in less than 32 hrs 17 minutes, which would mean a sub-200 hr Summer of Slog.  So, here we go!  The fun starts tomorrow at ~7AM.  Track me here and feel free to join me if you like.



UPDATE :  I finished the Millwood 100 in 34 hrs 20 min. I’m incredibly happy about the adventure and thrilled to etch may name next to Erik’s as folks who have completed the full route!

Me at the dramatic finish-line, i.e. the Prius.


  1. […] – 2012-10-07 : Jared Campbell : 34:20 : Story : […]

  2. […] I was Barkley training, hiking up West Grandeur…again. Matty and I were chatting, and I was grasping at straws to figure out what I’d be psyched on to do after Barkley. We discussed the idea intermittently- pieces that would be fun to do, what it’d be like if Millweek became “a thing.” (sidenote – Millwood 100M is a local line with 44000+ vertical gain! more about that here) […]

  3. Ultra Runner of the year.

  4. Millwoodaja?

  5. Incredible achievement and way to cap off an amazing year. I might just have to add the Millwood to my 2013 calendar.

  6. Amazing what you have accomplished this year, congratulations.

  7. Jared, congrats on completing the 5th spoke of the amazing wheel. Hope you get some rest over the winter!

  8. UROY! Maybe this gets a little old, but you do inspire. Good luck, I will be watching and cheering.

  9. killer man. good luck!

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