Posted by: runuphill | September 29, 2012

Bear 100 – An excellent team!

Mindy, running with Coca-Cola in hand.  Photo : Glenn Tachiyama

Mindy polished off the 2012 Bear 100 in fine form.  Mindy’s infectious smile and attitude had her sailing through the day and moving well into the night.  I joined her at Beaver Lodge, mile 75, at 12:30AM, about 30 minutes ahead of her goal.  Pacing can be so much fun, especially when it’s your spouse!  (caution : I’m not sure that this applies to all couples, but for Mindy and I it’s pretty awesome)  It becomes a game to monitor their progress and try different nutritional and psychological tactics to eek out their best performance.  At this stage in a 100 miler it’s purely about moving forward.  Nobody is moving fast, and many succumb to the comforts of a chair and blanket next to a warm fire at an aid station.  Those people also usually don’t get back up.  Not Mindy though!  She transitioned through aid stations incredible well and we got her on a trickle-charge nutritional plan of 11 calories every 5 minutes to nurse her back to life after her stomach went south.  Remarkably, this tiny intake rate can really keep you moving, which she demonstrated well.  We played leap-frog with the amazing Dan Spurlock until he left us in the dust.  We crested the final hill just as the sun was rising, which made the descent into Fish Haven absolutely spectacular.  I couldn’t believe the fall colors, the perfect temperature, beautiful sunrise, and amazing views of Bear Lake.  Wow, this is what doing the Bear100 was all about.  Mindy ran super-strong the last few miles, passing several folks and crossed the finish line in 25 hrs 39 minutes, good for 6th woman.

Great times!

Pics here

Mile 99, sunrise.


  1. Congrats, Mindy…that’s a fantastic time on that course.

  2. Mindy you are the newest “Wonder Woman” 🙂

  3. Awesome work team! Congratulations Mindy.

  4. Amazing! So awesome Mindy – thanks for posting Jar.

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