Posted by: runuphill | September 6, 2012

Wasatoja – Take 2 – It’s on

The “Double”

UPDATE : Sadly Wasatoja will have to wait for another year….   I was too slow on the run (23:07), hampered by extreme Achilles and I.T. band pain that flared up fairly early on in the race, presumably leftover damage from Nolans.  While Wasatch didn’t go the way I needed it to I still had a great time and got to cross the finish line with my buddy Greg Norrander, which was a real treat.

Well, it’s on again.  I’m going after my silly self-titled challenge called “Wasatoja”, which is the logistically challenging combination of running the Wasatch 100 (Friday) and biking Lotoja (Saturday) back to back.  I failed in 2010 and didn’t make the Lotoja lottery in 2011.  Am I ready?  Well, for the footrace I’d say yes.  For the bike?…. well, lets just say that every single other biker would surely laugh at how little time I’ve spent on the saddle.  This is going to hurt.  But, my slogging and suffering abilities are sharply honed so baring any major disasters in the Wasatch, I will do everything that my will power will allow to get onto my bike and start peddling early Saturday morning.  If you’re interested in following:

  1. You can track my progress in the Wasatch 100 here (I’m # 50)
  2. And I’ll be wearing a SPOT tracker for Lotoja.



  1. […] offbeat multidisciplinary stuff, really puts him in a category of one. I’m thinking here of Wasatoja and Zironman. All with no fanfare, which makes it all the more […]

  2. dude totally awesome to meet you this weekend at wasatch. i’m bummed you didn’t get to pull off wasatoja this year, but you’re still a freaking beast and a heck of an inspiration. i’d love to have you drag me around these mountains some more.


  3. What a shame. Oh, well there’s always next year.

  4. Nice job on Wasatch! I’m sorry Wasatoja didn’t work out this year. We love you!!

  5. Rock and Roll!!!

  6. That’s the gnargnar.

  7. Best of luck!

  8. USOY!

  9. You can do it!!!

  10. Go Deraj!!!!

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