Posted by: runuphill | July 15, 2012

Hardrock 2012

Mindy, me, and Ben at the finish line

Another year, another Hardrock.  I’m very lucky to have again been given the opportunity to tromp through the San Juans on this most incredible course.  I’m writing this 6 weeks after the fact so the details have faded significantly.  Perhaps this is a good thing as this year’s race was  a total grind for me.  Coming off a 2 week bout with streptococcus (strep throat) and an associated 10-day stint on antiobiotics, I was never firing on all cylinders and had some pretty crazy stomach issues.  My hero, Ben Lewis, paced me from Grouse Gulch to Cunningham, which was fun.  Psychiatrist, athletic phenom, incredible father, dedicated husband, and all-around fabulous guy, I was in good hands.  Rather than a “pacing” job, this was more of a psychological study for Ben.  We had fun slogging up and down the hills, with me grovelling along with stomach issues for most of it, but enjoying each other’s company.  Mindy ran the final 10 miles to the finish line again, which was a real highlight.

Until next time!

Pics here

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