Posted by: runuphill | June 10, 2011

San Diego 100

Tomorrow mindy will be running her first 100 miler! You can track her at and using the link below for our spot tracker which I’ll be wearing while I pace her for the last half. Go mindy!

Spot Tracker Link Here

Brief updates via I pad

– and, they’re off. 7:00 am

– mindy looked great at mile 13.8; 9:31 am

– classic mindy. Smiles all the way at mile 23; 11:36am

– still truckin’ along at mile 44.1; 5pm

– Mindy finishes in 29:49:10!


  1. Jared and Mindy, it’s been awesome to see you guys in Silverton, meet Mom and Dad, follow your races, discovery new favorite drink, and generally have a grand time! Congrats to Mindy for the first 100! SD is beautiful and deserves a back trip. Sorry about HR, but you seemed to be unfazed, which is the way it should be:) Checked out briefly pictures from your guys trips – I am so jealous! Soon, the kids grow up, get out on their own, and we’ll pick the slack:) Let us know when Pocatello is, hope to fit it in again, one year or another!

  2. Congrats Mindy!!! It was great to see your (ever!)smiling face at 32 miles. Of course, you had a pretty awesome pacer to help you along 🙂
    It was nice to see both of you again, I look forward to crossing paths in Silverton in a few weeks.

  3. Congratulations on your finish!!!!!! I hope you had a great time! 🙂

  4. Just got the news MIndy, way to go! We have been worried, you are my idol and hero. Take good care of yourself, I’m so glad your with mom and Jared and staying at Karen’s tonight. I know they will take awesome care of you. Love you, call me when you feel up to it, I want to hear all about it.

    • That’s you’re not your, darn corrective spelling.

  5. Shazam! You are awesome!

  6. Mindy with a big smile! Wish I was there to cheer you on. Keep runnin’ little sis. Can’t wait to check your status when I get up in the night to feed Claire.

  7. We’re rooting for you Mindy. You’re the woman! Show them how this is done! You had run 44 miles was the last I heard. That’s phenominal. : ) Congratulations!

  8. Go Mindy girl…dad

  9. Go Mindy Go! Can’t wait to hear all about the race!

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