Posted by: runuphill | June 5, 2011

Prior 9 month re-cap

Capturing my adventures in writing (on door5) hasn’t received much priority for the prior 9 months.   But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been having incredible adventures.  This post is being made in an effort to not lose a record of the highlights of the past 9 months of my life.

September 2010

  • Tried Wasatoja.  Made it through the run, drove up to Logan, but didn’t have it in me to start the ride.
  • Paced Chad Brackelsberg at the Bear 100.
October 2010
  • Zion with Ryan and Pat (October 9th and 10th)
    • Ran/scrambled the rarely summited South Guardian on a picture-perfect day
    • Climbed Mountain of the Sun with Ryan and Pat.
    • Check out the pics
  • Danielle and Jake get hitched (October 14th, 2010)
  • Zion with Mindy and Jim Guilkey (October 16th and 17th)
    • Mindy and Jim run the traverse together.  Longest run of Jim’s life
    • Climbed Pine Valley Peak and East/West Northgate Peaks
    • Climbed the rarely summited G2 Peak
    • Pictures
  • Coyote Moab (October 22, 23, 24th)
    • 3 stellar days with some of the most unique humans around.  Thanks Chris Scott!
    • Bowling, 50 km run with Chad and Darcy, Group run on Sunday
    • More pics, 50km movie (youtube)
November 2010
  • Rim-Rim-Rim with Jay Aldous and Karl Jarvis (November 14th, 2010)
  • Solomon Perkins is born!  Cutest kid ever.  I’m a proud uncle (November 19th, 2010)
December 2010
  • Incredible desert trip with Mindy (Christmas through New Years)
    • Ran/explored Gold Strike Canyon and enjoyed the hot pots
    • Toured Hoover Dam
    • Rode rides on top of Stratosphere
    • Death Valley
      • Visited Furnace Creek
      • Did some good Badwater training
      • Ran Corkscrew Peak
      • Ran on sand-dunes
      • Visited Mosaic Canyon
    • Bishop, CA
      • Got some great ski near North Lake
    • Great Basin National Park
      • Tried to ski Wheeler Peak, but got shut down
      • Took a tour of Lehman Caves
    • Pictures
  • Gave a presentation on Passive Solar and Efficient Home Design at work for employees to enjoy enjoy during their lunch hour.  I put a ton of effort into this and was pretty happy that folks found it interesting.

February 2011

March 2011
  • Solo trip to Zion (March 12, 13th)
    • Two stellar full-days of exploring in the south-east part of the park
    • Pics here
  • Coyote Two Moon (March 24th, 2011)
    • A fabulous and memorable run in the Ojai mountains.
    • Ran with Ty Draney nearly the entire day until they called the race off due to crazy weather
    • Mindy was running the 100km race in fine form
    • Pics here
April 2011
  • Traversary (April 23rd) – Group run of the entire Zion traverse (~50miles).  Ran it with my incredible wife who coined the name “traversary” for running the traverse on our 1-year anniversary.  Life does not get better than this!
    • Roch and Ryan also run the entire route.  Terri busts out 36 miles, and Catherine also had her longest run in a while
    • Pictures here
  • Lady Mountain (April 24th) – Ryan and I just couldn’t resist.  Lady Mountain is so good!
May 2011
  • Icebox Canyon with Ryan – Tons of exploring side canyons (May 13th, 2011)
    • One of the most special places on earth.  I’ve never seen Ryan so happy
    • Epic canyoneering/glisadding.  There aren’t too many places in the world you can do this.  simply magical
    • Pictures – Movie of glisadding (coming soon)
  • Pocatello 50, year 3
    • Despite a very sketchy forecast we lucked out and had perfect weather.
    • Runners seemed very happy with the challenging route
    • Picswebsite


  1. Unbelievable 9 months. No wonder you couldn’t find time to post.

    For the most part you guys seem like complete idiots. How come we aren’t better friends? Hahahaha. Seriously, awesome. I miss the days of regular canyoneering and exploring the back country of Zion. Makes me wish I still lived down south.

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