Posted by: runuphill | September 9, 2010

Wasatoja 2010

Wasatoja (Red=WF100; Green = drive; Blue=Lotoja)

Tomorrow is the start of a linkup I’ve been planning for over a year.  Last year when the Wasatch100 moved to Friday (it was previously on Saturday), it became possible to link together Wasatch and Lotoja, a classic ~205 mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming.  A combination I call the Wasatoja.

It’s an interesting challenge because I need to have what for me is a near perfect run, finishing in Midway somewhere prior to 3:00 AM (22 hrs or faster total time) on Saturday to have enough time to shower, get in the car and drive (or be driven rather) to Logan, a 2 hr drive for the 6AM start of the bike-race.  Mindy will be sleeping in our truck at the finish line of Wasatch waiting for me to wake her up and start the drive.  Mindy, Brendan, Ryan Kunz and I plan to stay together during the ride, which will be a huge help.

Either way, it’s bound to be fun, somewhat epic, painful, but certainly rewarding if I can pull it off.  You can track me through the run at the, and then I’ll be carrying a spot tracker on the bike-ride, which you can watch here.

I’ve had some pretty bad hamstring/hip issues the past month or so, which has me quited worried.  But, mentally I’m super-psyched, physically I feel great (aside from the injury), so I’m going to throw myself at it and give it my best.  I won’t go down without a fight!  🙂


  1. Jared, this Brian Romrell, good friends of Greg Midgely and Aaron Leeflang. And if you remember back in the days of Upland Terrace. One of my friends told me about our blog. Very cool. Do you ever put together films of your runs or adventures? We started an annual film festival featuring outdoor adventure films and the like. If you have anything you would like to share let me know. Happy running.

    • Oh, film festival is this Saturday, September 18th. Just thought I would see if you were interested.

  2. re·sil·ient/riˈzilyənt/Adjective
    1. (of a substance or object) Able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.
    2. (of a person or animal) Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

  3. Hey Jared
    Great running through the night with you. I definitely was drafting off you and your pacer (whose name I forgot). He was a big help at Brighton so tell him thanks if you could. I thought about your double through out the following day and just the idea was impressive. Sorry it did not work out. Great job.

    • Hi Todd! I was great slogging through the hills with you, we really had quite a yo-yo going on there didn’t we? Between vomiting sessions I remember laughing at the rednecks below us 4-wheeling around in the middle of the night. It added to the absurdity of it all. 🙂 Good times.


      • Ha! I heard the 4 wheelers too! Always great to see you and Mindy. Very good run despite your stomach issues. Congrats to Mindy as well for her excellent crewing and great biking.

  4. well your spot said you got there… Congratulations Jared! What an accomplishment! You continue to push the boundaries and it’s very inspiring. Rest a little now, will ya.

    • Scott!

      Well, unfortunately the SPOT tracks going into Jackson weren’t mine, but rather my bro Brendan Perkins who had a solid ride. My stomach was shot after Wasatch and I wasn’t able to jump-start it as I wanted to between the Homestead and Logan. I’ll give it a go again in the future though.

      Take care,


  5. Hope you get a chance to sleep a little and get some good food down. The whole Knoles family thinks you are incredible. It’s hard to believe how well you did last night even though you were running on empty. We’ll be watching Mindy on the tracker. She’s pretty amazing too!!!

  6. Go Mindy!

  7. Good show in the WW100!

    Dang, was hopin’ you’d send the Grand Teton too…


  8. smart call Captain.
    you ran a great race yesterday, so proud of you!!!

  9. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. I really struggled the last 20 miles of wasatch and couldn’t keep a thing down. I tapped deeply into my reserves and at the end my digestive system was pretty messed up. So, opted to crew Brendan and Mindy and not ride Lotoja. The spot points are Mindy cranking along. Let’s all root for her, she’s amazing.

    • Hi Jared.

      I spent the day hopscotching from one aide station to the next with your wife. My husband, Mick, was doing the race and you two seemed to be close together in time. She was really nice and I’m amazed that after being up as long as she was that she is off doing lotoja. I hope she did great.

      You are amazing, good job and there’s always next year.

  10. you got this Jared!
    looking strong on the Wasatch course.

    • I just hope I can sleep tonight…so excited for you guys. Thanks for the hugs at Brighton. Your fan club thinks you”re #1.

  11. You’re freaking amazing. I feel blessed to say I share some of your genetic code. Good Luck!!

  12. I am so excited to hear about your day, I’ve been tracking you and so far your killing the run! It’s amazing what the human body can do when you put your mind to it!

  13. I like the swimming the Snake idea! Or you could be a wuss and kayak …

    Seriously though, this is a big double, very tight timing, hope it goes well.

  14. I would love to see you pull that off. Good luck! I’ve done one 100 mile run and I’ve done Lotoja once. I can not even begin to imagine doing them back to back.

  15. That’s awesome, Jared. Good luck. Maybe you should swim down the Snake River after you finish and call it a 3xIronman!

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