Posted by: runuphill | August 20, 2010

Wind River Crest Route

Tomorrow morning, somewhere around 5AM, Ty Draney and I will take off to do something called the Wind River Crest Route.  It’s an 80 mile route starting at the Green River Lakes in the northern part of the range and ending at the Big Sandy trailhead in the south.  Originally we wanted to do the Highline route, but it tends to stay lower and further to the west of the exciting part of the range.  The Crest Route follows the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) for the most part, but with 3 deviations to the east climbing up to some additional passes and a bit of off trail travel. Below is a map of the route, and a Google Maps version can be found here.  More details on the route later.

The Wind River Crest Route

Also, we’ll be taking a Spot Tracker along with “tracking mode” engaged, so someone can watch our progress and as a backup measure should something bad happen.  Follow us here.


  1. Dang, I’ll be looking for the TR on this! Excellent choice; I’ve done the Highline, which is wonderful, but the business is clearly to the East. I’ve been on sections of this as well, but never heard of the “Crest” route. Looks great.

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