Posted by: runuphill | February 27, 2010

Zion Spring Century – 2010

My good friends Ryan Kunz and Jon Skramstad talked me into signing up for the Zion Spring Century road ride this past weekend.  I’m not really a biker, but given that I want to do Lotoja in September I figured it would be good to get some saddle time.  So, without a single day of peddling in the past 9 months (?) I headed down to St. George the evening before the race.  As a runner I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the aid stations for this event, but it turns out that they were quite similar to what I have become accustomed to.  I needed only water.  The weather called for a day of rain so I brought my Sugoi jacket that proved to be very nice.  The ride was awesome and wound through areas in and around St. George that I never even knew existed.  Once in Hurricane, Utah I hit the aid station, got some water and asked for directions.  The staff pointed me in what they thought was the correct direction.  Several miles later I figured out that they had sent me on the slightly different 60 mile course so I turned back and eventually got back on the correct course.  The climb out of Hurricane was uphill with a strong head-wind, which means for a runner on a bike that you’re out of the saddle, which was nice.  The wind was relentless all the way through Rockville, Springdale, and through to the turn-around point at the park entrance.  But, this meant that the ride back would be effortless.  At the park aid station I stopped for some water and was amazed at the spread of food.  Big BLT Subway sandwiches.  While it sounded nice I knew better.  So, I peddled all the way back to the finish line sipping my First Endurance EFS gel and arrived just before the rain really started.  107 mile in 6 hrs 5 minutes, I was happy with that.  Mindy was at the finish line so all was good.  We waited for my friends to finish and then drove back to SLC.    Another great journey.


  1. It looks like Chuck’s math is better than Buzz’s…. 🙂

    Yes, I had some good saddle rash, but I’ll leave the details off this blog post….

  2. 17.6 mph? I like the bonus miles! How was your bottom?

  3. You soloed 100 miles @ 22 mph? Jeez … consider a switch to multi-sport. And time to have a go on the White Rim!

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