Posted by: runuphill | February 22, 2010

2009 Re-Cap

Well, it’s nearing the end of February, 2010, but I wanted to do a quick re-cap of 2009 because it was by far the best year of my life.  And, the crazy thing is that 2010 is only going to be better.  2009 was filled with so many great adventures with amazing people in beautiful places.  That is what my life is all about….

  • Arizona Trip – Mindy and I left on December 26th, 2008 heading south in one of the craziest storms we had ever seen.  We drove to Zion and saw some of the most beautiful snow covered scenes.  We then headed down to southern Arizona where we hooked up with Chaz and Terri in Cochise Stronghold, Mt. Lemmon, and later the two of us went to Sedona and had a blast together and brought in the new year.  We also got a great winter run in the Grand Canyon.
  • Ran the Moab Red Hot again in near perfect conditions.  The views in Moab in February can be breathtaking as the LaSals climb above pristine red standstone formations.
  • Made a video documentary of my grandfather, Lowell Hicks, at 95 years old carting his marimba around playing gigs for folks 20 years younger than him.  He is truly amazing.
  • Had a surprise 30th birthday party for Mindy in the San Juans.  Brendan and Chaz met up with us at the Last Dollar Hut.
  • Massive dump of ~120″ (that is NOT a typo!) in 10 days in the Wasatch.  Backgrountry skiing was unreal
  • Zion with Buzz and Mindy : Partriarch Traverse, Crawford Arch in the snow/rain.  StoryPics
  • Climbed Tricks of the Trade in Zion National Park with Brendan.
  • Yosemite, Nose In a Day with Brendan
  • Put on the Pocatello 50! websitephotos
  • Flipped the switch on a 2.8kW photo-voltaic system to power my entire house.
  • Trifecta Training with Buzz and Ryan : Heaps, Imlay, Icebox – StoryPics
  • Success on the Trifecta with Buzz and Ryan, what an experience.  25 hrs of pure adventure with two of the best friends around.
  • Ran the Steeplechase.  Photos here.
  • Ran the Lake City 50 in EPIC blizzard conditions.  Still PR’d in 10 hrs 2 min.
  • Mindy and I spent a week in the San Juans prior to Hardrock
  • Set a PR at Hardrock of 28hr 32 min.  Buzz and Pat paced me.  Completely suffer-fest for the last 25 miles, but in good company.
  • Supporting Mindy, Derek and others at Speedgoat 50km.  Results.  Photos.
  • ABBA concert with family and friends.  🙂
  • Learned a bunch of the Millwood 100 with many new explorations in the Wasatch and about a dozen Kessler Summits
  • Custom WF100 trailwork opportunity with good friends on the Desolation Trail
  • Lone Peak with Chaz, Terri, and Mindy – Pics
  • Vaquero Loco 50km and S. Teton with Ryan and Mindy – Story – Pics
  • Teton “Open-Avalanche” Loop Run StoryPics
  • Table Mtn Loop with Matt Hart – PicsMatt’s blog writeup
  • Supporting Mindy and Ty Draney at the Grand Teton Races – StoryPics
  • Wasath 100 PR –  Story
  • Proposed to Mindy on-top of North Guardian Angel.  Met up with family and friends afterwards in Springdale, followed by staying at the Zion Lodge that night. – Pics
  • Red River Gorge rock climbing with Great friends – Pics
  • Set FKT on the Zion Traverse with Christian Johnson.  Jay Aldous joined us for most of it.  PicsStory


  1. Every year is the best year year of your life! I’m fortunate that some of that is shared with me.

    You went to an ABBA concert? Forget the rest of that stuff; now I’m impressed!

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