Posted by: runuphill | September 5, 2009

Grand Teton 50 Mile Trail Run


Finish line Update:

Mindy finished her first 50 mile trail race at the Grand Teton Run race series with a very strong 2nd place overall female standing in a time of 11:00:33.  She was smiles all the way.  Check out the photos and videos here!

After Mindy crossed the finish line I had the pleasure of pacing Ty Draney for part of his record breaking run.  We took off together at mile 70 and busted out the Rick’s Basin 5 mile loop in 42 minutes, Ty was moving great!  Then, we dropped into first gear for the climb up Fred’s.  Once at the top we turned around for the descent back down the same trail.  What Ty Draney did downhill in the dark after 78 miles of running was absolutely amazing.  We did the 2.8 mile descent in 19 minutes, including a pee break.  He was ripping!  This equated to nearly 6.5 minute miles on steep and rocky downhill in the dark.  We came into the lodge aid station at full speed, as if we were running a 10k.  It was so cool to see Ty moving the way he was and so incredibly focused and psyched.  Matt Hart took him from there to the finish a stretch which brought about some low points for Ty (including losing it out both ends!), but he still managed to pull off a record time of 19 hrs 19 minutes.  Way to go Ty!

Mid-Race Updates below:

Mindy is currently crankin’ out her first 50 Mile Trail Run in fine form (she’s in 3rd for the women as of mile 25).  She’s all smiles and seems to feel better and better as she gets further into the race.  Follow her progress here (although there appears to be an update problem right now).   And, I’m uploading photos and videos here about every hour or so.

Other runners :

  • Ty Draney has a commanding first place in the 100 mile race
  • Duncan Callahan and Evan Honeyfield are duking it out on the 50 mile race.  They’re smokin!

Update 9/5/2009 @ 2:30 PM

Duncan has pulled away from Evan by more than 20 minutes.  Ty is still in a strong 1st place in the 100 mile race.  Mindy was still looking great at mile 31, on track for ~10.5 hrs.

Update 9/5/2009 @ 2:44 PM

Duncan Callahan at the finish after crushing the course record in 7:33.

Duncan Callahan at the finish after crushing the course record in 7:33.

Update 9/5/2009 @ 4:00 PM

Saw Mindy at mile 39.6 (twenty minutes ago) and she was still looking strong.  She’s the first place woman! woohoo.  Go Mindy.

Mindy climbing up the "road section" with the beautiful tetons in the background.

Mindy climbing up the "road section" with the beautiful tetons in the background.


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  2. Thanks for your help and great work at Wasatch this last weekend. It looks like it was hot out front.

  3. Go Mindy! You’re making it look to easy.

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