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Speedgoat 50km 2009

AF Twin Peaks as seen from the Hidden Peak Aid Station

AF Twin Peaks as seen from the Hidden Peak Aid Station

Speedgoat 50km Trail Race – Snowbird Utah


Mindy running over to Mt. Baldy

You know the saying “third times the charm”?  Well, that’s a good way to describe the Speedgoat 50k, held on Saturday July18th 2009.  Karl’s stellar race went so smooth this year with some changes to the course, some fabulous glissading, and beautiful weather.  With temps in the Salt Lake Valley over 100F, 70s and 80s were sounding nice to most folks.  Karl chose to hold it this weekend given the that the trade show is in town, with hopes of attracting some of the countries best runners.  But, alas it was dominated a strong local crew.  Erik Storheim pulled off the win with Jay Aldous only minutes behind.  Luke Nelson, who added on a few extra miles (got lost) finished third.  Mandy Hosford left the start line without another woman in front of her and ran the entire race that way.  More results soon once they get compiled…..

Mindy chose this as her first 50km race (burly!) and did REALLY well, crossing the finish line in 8hrs30min, which was 15 minutes faster than her goal.  My cousin Derek also made this his first 50km and battled through the tough course.  Ryan, who just finished reading the book I wrote entitled, “Injuries: Screw it!  Just run through em'” dealt with the pain of a pretty bad recent knee injury and finished in good form.

Mindy and Derek at the Start

Mindy and Derek at the Start

Picasa Album from the Race here

And a short YouTube movie I made here:


  1. Ryan narrowly avoided getting chicked by Mindy 🙂

    Luke is very talented; he could win some events if he had a chaperone.

    Thanks for the well-produced video! No shortage of snow in mid July.

  2. Great video Jared. Everyone looks like they are having FUN! Let’s see, 11,000 vertical, temps in the 80s at 10,000 ft., no shade, lots of big loose sharp rocks. Where’s the pain?

    Congrats to Karl for putting on a super race.

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