Posted by: runuphill | July 9, 2009

San Juan Slog… aka Hardrock


Mindy and I have had 6 fabulous days in the San Juans.  After several years of driving out to Hardrock the day before, stressed out of my mind from work, and trying to flip the switch from work to running mode, I decided it was time to do it the right way.  Last Friday we drove out en-route to Silverton, where we had arranged to stay at our friends Paul and Becky’s house.  It’s a dream house located just off the Animas River.  We spent the next few days running, hiking, and biking, trying to take in as much as we could, but in a relaxing manner.   The highlights included:

  • Running from Silverton up Anvil Mtn (12,537′) from Silverton and down Niagara Gulch
  • Summiting Hurricane Peak (13,447′) and a neighboring peak “13,339” to the NW
  • Mindy and I had a nice hike up Hanson Peak (13,454′) and ran down in a run hail storm
  • Sweet road ride with Mindy up to Molas Lakes and back
  • Several trips up and over Red Mtn Pass to Ouray
  • Mindy and I hiked the “old trail” to the summit of Twin Peaks outside of Ouray

The last 2 days have been very exciting as the Hardrock energy has been building.  I’m very excited and want to get going!  My knee is still giving me grief, but it’s one of those injuries that I just don’t know what to expect.  Hardrock might be good for it.  🙂  Nice and slow…..

I’m so excited about my fantastic crew (Mindy, Steve, Teresa, Heather, Keith, Vanessa, and Brendan) and great pacers (Buzz and Pat).  It’s bound to be a grand ol’ time.

Track the race real-time here.


  1. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I had a fabulous experience at Hardrock this year and was once again stunned with the amazingly beautiful world live in and some of the incredible people that make life special.


  2. Jared – good luck man…I’m tired just thinking about a race that long. your the man…make it happen…bring home the W.

  3. Have an awesome time Jared & Rock it Hard!!!

  4. Have a great race Jared! Run ur gutz out!

  5. Good luck tomorrow!

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