Posted by: runuphill | June 17, 2009

Box-Spring Trail Cleanup Event

Greetings SLC Runners,

On Wednesday June 24th, Pat McMurtry and I will be putting on another “voluntary trail cleanup event”, similar in nature to the Mount Olympus Wilderness Clean-Up Event from last fall.  We’re hoping for around 15-20 volunteers to run a fabulous loop around Box Spring Hollow, starting and finishing at Affleck Park.  Some basic details are below and I’ll add more later.  Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Start time : Wednesday June 24th, at 6:00 PM sharp (please arrive at at least 5:30)
  • Start/Finish Location : Affleck Park – Group site #2
  • Length : 12.8 miles
  • Vertical Gain : 4,100 ft
  • Gear : Headlamp if you think it will take you more than 3.5 hrs.
  • Food : We’ll be having a small BBQ gathering afterwards which will be tons of fun.  Feel free to bring food, beer, or other beverages.
  • Note : Some folks are starting early and some folks are starting at Big Mtn, which shortens the run by 2.5 miles and has 1,500′ less vertical gain (i.e. 10.3 miles and 2,600′ of gain total).  Both are options… pick you poison. 🙂




    1. This is perfect timing – the full-body frostbite I got at the last one is almost healed…. 🙂


    2. Count me in! I’ve done this loop, but in the reverse direction, should be a good time.

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