Posted by: runuphill | May 23, 2009

The Inaugural Poke50 is a Success!


Roch Horton and Mandy Hosford on Scout Mtn.

The first-ever Pocatello 50 Mile Trail Run  was a huge success.  The weather Gods cooperated, all the volunteers were stellar, and somehow Ryan and I managed to have enough bananas and potato chips for everyone.  We knew it wouldn’t be an easy course, but I think it turned out to be harder that most folks anticipated, some calling it one of the hardest 50 milers in the country.  We feel that the best thing about it is the stellar course, which is beautiful the entire way and has “a bit of everything”.  Runners were greeted with incrediblesingle track for the first 8 miles, followed by a brutally steep and completely off-trail climb up Wild Mtn.  A complete switch of gears was then necessary for the ripper down hill to City Creek at ~mile 18.  Another incredibly steep climb was encountered as the runners climbed up to Kinport Rd.  This section had snow, mud, and was very steep.  But, to make up for this a very fast decent down the beautiful Midnight Creek allowed runners to make up some time.  A small climb and then another fast low-angled decent brought runners to the Mink Creek Aid Station at mile 31.  The last “leg” started here, which was characterized by a long steady climband a spectacular glissade off the north face of Scout Mtn, the high point of the course.  With most runners laughing and smiling as they descended the snow they then jumped onto the perfect single-track of the Crestline Trail which took them to the final aid station, Big Fur.  A bit of road and one last climb left the finish line only a couple miles away.  The final downhill is a beautiful single-track and was quietly tucked away in a side-canyon that few visit. 

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response, Ryan and I are already planning out next year’s race.  Registration will likely open up on January 1st, 2010.

More photo here

Local Pocatello story here

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