Posted by: runuphill | May 16, 2009

Grandeur Peak Fun Run


Grandeur Peak Fun Run Course

On May 16th Erik Storheim of the MRC put on the 3rd annual Grandeur Peak Fun Run.  This is a great 10 mile loop with about 4,000′ of vertical gain and is a route that I run quite often.  The course starts with a lovely march up Grandeur’s brutally steep west side, which gains 3,400′ in 1.9 miles!  I lead to the top with Drew Erickson and Aaron Brown (2002 Steeplechase 2:18!) right behind me the entire way.  We reached the summit in 48 minutes, a decent time, but still about 8 minutes slower than my fastest time ever.  Side note : several years ago I had a personal challenge of doing a vertical mile (5,280′) in under 60 minutes.  On grandeur west-side this amounts to ~39 minutes, something that I worked my butt of to do and eventually did.  In doing so, however, I severly damaged my right achilled tendon, an injury that still plagues me today.  As such, I’ve abanoded this goal….   Once on the summit, we immediately transitioned into downhill mode as we drop ~2500′ down to the pipeline trail.  I maintened the lead until we hit the pipeline at which point the two dudes behind me showed me that I’m not a fantastic flat runner.  I tried pretty hard to catch them and stayed close behind until the last very steep climb above Rattlesnake Gulch.  Ahhh… steep uphill again.  I caught and passed Aaron and then put less then 1 minute between Drew and myself at finish line.  I posted a time of 1:47 a time I was happy with given my limited training this season. 

At the finish line Erik Storheim fired up the grill and we enjoyed pancakes, OJ, and various other breakfast items as I watched all my other friends and family members finish this great event.  Mindy posted a fabulous 2:26 and  Brendan was not far behind with a 2:35.  Teresa started at Church Fork and ran to the finish.  She looked great at the finish line despite taking a pretty good digger and scraping up her knee.

Thanks Erik for a great event.

Results here


  1. Sounds awesome

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