Posted by: runuphill | April 25, 2009

BoSho 2009

April 25th, 2009 was the Bonneville Shoreline Marathon (BoSho), a wonderfully quiet event that draws many folks from trail running community in SLC and surrounding areas.  This is one of the many local races that I had never run, oddly enough.  I decided to change this.  I talked Vanessa into doing the first 10 miles in a 100% off-the-couch status, and Mindy was for the full marathon.  We met in the morning and drove to the start line, which we arrived at several minutes late!   So, that meant I’d be playing catch-up for most of the race.  It’s kind of fun, I realized, starting at the very back of the pack because I got to see so many friends as I tried to weave my way forward in the pack. 

This race is spectacular, and the weather was PERFECT!  Now, my definition of “perfect” is likely different than most people’s, but I loved the rain, mud, and heavy fog/clouds that were with us for much of the race.  Early on (mile 6?) I took a wrong turn that it turns out many others did as well… oh well, I didn’t lose too much time and got to see trails I had never seen before.  At mile 10 I met up with Ty Draney and would end up running the rest of the race with him.  We had a great time chatting and turned it into a nice friendly run as the miles quickly ticked by.  I was excited for the final climb out of Dry Creek as I had heard it was “steep”!   It was indeed and was essentially a river for the first mile or so.  We hiked to the top of the ridge and then turned downhill and cruised into the finish line together in 4:19, good for 3rd place behind Karl and Christian Johnson.

I was in awe at what a great run this had been.  I fear, however, that the regulatory powers that be will try to shut it down, which would be a real shame given how lightly these runners tread.

Read Ty’s write-up here

Results here

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