Posted by: runuphill | April 13, 2009

Spring Zioneering


Crawford Arch on Bridge Mtn, Zion NP

I’ll keep this brief as Buzz already did a fantastic write-up on this weekend.  Most of the winter I had been obsessing about something I call the “Patriarch Traverse”, something that I wanted to keep a secret for quite some time.  However, now after having tried it I realized that the pool of folks who would attempt such an adventure is small.

The Patriarch Traverse is a very obvious route, for those whose eyes are naturally drawn to ridges that connect peaks.  It’s a loop starting/stopping at the shuttle stop for the Court of the Patriarchs and tags the summits of Moroni, Jacob, Lady Mtn, Plateau Peak, Isaac, Abraham, and S/N Sentinel.  Based on my observations from other peaks in the vicinity and extracting as much useful information as is possible in G. Earth and 7.5′ maps it was time to throw myself at it.  Buzz graciously agreed to come along, even after I had made it clear that I had no idea what we were in for, a true adventure.  We had all the necessary gear to deal with just about anything.  i.e… lots of weight.

In short, we made it through the first 4 peaks before calling it quits due to inclement weather.  It was educational, humbling, and magical.  The terrain we were on has likely never been travelled before. 

That evening we hooked up with Mindy and planned out the next day, which would consist of all 3 of us doing Crawford arch in rainy conditions.  What a treat, seriously, everything about it.  The entire approach is spectacular, the small chimney scramble is great fun, and the arch itself if breathtaking.  On the route back we were hit hard with a serious downpour and even a bit of snow, something that I love in Zion.  I was in heaven.  Afterwards, Buzz and I threw down a pretty quick time on Angels Landing. 

Sunday morning Buzz and I took off to do the Southwest face of Twin Brother, a route new to me thanks to Courtney Purcell in his new book, Zion Summits.  We decided to quickly tag the summit of Mt. Spry as well, which was well worth it.  In fact, I think that Mt Spry has perhaps the best view in the entire park.  We them moved onto Twin Brother.  The route up Twin Brother has earned the top spot on my list of Zion summits, I absolutely loved it.  Courtney described the rock as being of poor quality, but I loved it!  It was the perfect angle to scramble up quickly and also get off very quickly, that is of course, provided that you’re okay with running on 5.3/5.4 terrain.

Pictures here

And, Buzz’s writeup here


  1. Jared, i’m headed to zion this weekend and really want to go see crawford arch. Any beta even if its vague would be appreciated. I’m comfortable scrambling and adventuring in zion.

    • Nevermind, I found the info I needed. I should have researched harder first.

  2. […] with Buzz and Mindy : Partriarch Traverse, Crawford Arch in the snow/rain.  Story – […]

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