Posted by: runuphill | March 22, 2009

PV Installation Underway


Prius, PV panels, and LED bulbs. Efficiency baby!

My good friend Bill and I have wanted to go grid-tie PV (photo-voltaic) for many years now.  The opportunity presented itself when we found 200W Evergreen panels at for $3.25/watt.  With a recent shift to “full-retail” buyback instead of the prior “avoided cost” policy in Salt Lake City it makes more and more sense to install solar panels.  Plus, with the pretty good federal/state incentives for PV installations we figured the timing was right.  We bought a pallet of panels (28+2 extra), 2 inverters, and are now in the process of designing frames, drawing up plans, obtaining permits, etc.  I am writing a simple yet informative blog entry on the entire process for folks who might be interested in doing something similar, expect this post in the next month or so.  This Friday we received the pallet of panels, which was an exciting day for us both!

Bill with stack of 200W panels

Bill with stack of 200W panels


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  2. Jared call Karl

  3. The “PV in the Prius” photo should be on or at least! Nice going.

    I’m reviewing a bid for a 2.94 kWh system for my new (old) house. The installed cost would be $21,708, but with the local utility rebate that comes down to $12,167 … now we’re talking! With the Fed Tax Credit, I’m down to $8,517.

    Once up, I’ll then purchase an Enertia electric motorcycle (or similar) and local travel is free.

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