Posted by: runuphill | January 25, 2009


The air has FINALLY cleared in the Salt Lake Valley thanks to some weather that rolled through this past weekend.  The storm brought with it a bunch of rain and wet snow down low, but some perfect powder up higher.  A great group of friends and I got out this morning for some buttery turns in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We skinned up to Reynolds Peak, starting at the Spruces.  We made a bunch of laps on a somewhat protected shoulder off the north side of the peak.  It was soooo good that I had a hard time prying myself away at about 12:30 when Ryan and and I had to jet.

Spending time in the Wasatch has got my ridge-hiking synapses firing again.  Several years ago I did what I called the WURL(Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup), an incredible circumnavigation of Little Cottonwood.  Well, I think the same things needs to be done around Big Cottonwood as well as Millcreek.  It would be the trifecta of Wasatch Front canyon circumnavigating.  See picture below for the Millcreek tour in yellow and the WURL in red, the BCC loop is not shown….  I’m already psyched for this coming summer.  Never a dull moment living near such great mountains.



  1. the ultimate trifecta would be seeing you link the two in under 48hrs…you could call it something like, TWURL (THEE Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link-up)?

    now get after it!

  2. aghite! let’s get this on the calendar!

  3. Why don’t the three of us do it? We’d make an awesome team.

  4. Do you want some company? I’d be all over that!

  5. i wanna come!

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