Posted by: runuphill | January 18, 2009

Red-White Loop via Thunder Mtn.


The only aspect of SLC that I really dislike is the inevitable inversion and the terribly unhealthy air that accompanies.  It is especially bad right now.  A run up Wire Mtn on Friday reiterated what it does to your body.  My lungs, head, heart, were all burning during a very routine run.  I decided that I cannot run in such conditions as I am likely doing much more bad than good.  Fortunately we have the wonderful Wasatch mountains minutes away!

red-white-loop2Saturday morning Mindy, Ryan, Brett and I left the valley bound for LCC.  Our destination was Red Pine Lake basin and what we’d do once we got there was up in the air.  Upon reaching Upper Red Pine Lake, we decided to head east up to the ridge dividing Red Pine from White Pine.  After a bit of steep skinning and then some boot-packing we summited Thunder Mtn and then decided to drop off the north face.  The skiing wasn’t great as we hadn’t had new snow in a while, but the scenery was incredible.  We skied out White Pine and back to the car where we hooked up with Mindy who had opted for a slightly different path for the day.  This ski tour was a pleasant 8.9 miles and 3,500 ft. of vert.

After dropping off an air purifier for my ailing grandmother we went back up LCC, I did a quick run/hike up to the top of the tram and then a group of us met up at the Snowbird cliff lodge to soak in the hot-tub and enjoy the steam room (locals are only $10!).  Good times.

More pictures here.

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