Posted by: runuphill | December 27, 2008

In Search of Warm Weather and Dry Rock….

Mindy and I have had a week long trip from Christmas through New Years planned for quite some time.  We were both totally psyched with the prospect of heading to some new areas “down south”.  Down South means Arizona (on this trip) and our intentions were to head to Tucson, climb in Cochise Stronghold, run on the Zane Grey course, climb in Sedona and Paradise Forks, and then high the Grand Canyon before heading home. 

The drive down was an experience.  It was smooth sailing until just after Beaver when our visibility went to nearly nothing.  Everyone eventually slowed to a stop for about 20 minutes before we started crawling again into Cedar City.  Eventually we made it to Zion (actually Mesquito Cove, our usual camping spot) where we spent the night.  We woke and drove into the park and we were awestruck at the beauty, with many of the mountains coated in snow from the violent storm the previous night.  Below is the east face of West Temple and additional photos can be found here.


We took in as much as we could and then quickly jumped in the car for the looooong drive to Tucson to hook up with Chaz and Terrie.  The drive was long, but eventually we made it, had a great dinner with them, and then drove to Cochise.  We woke to tons of snow and very cold conditions, so rather than climb we all went for a great run to check out the cool formations.  That evening we decided to drive back to Tucson and try to find warmer conditions and dry rock….. more to come.  But for now, below is a movie from our drive down to Zion:

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