Posted by: runuphill | November 24, 2008

Exploring Zion…. The Right Way!


This past weekend was ANOTHER stellar weekend in Zion.  Wow, just when I think Zion can’t get much better, it does.  It is seriously magical and this weekend Chaz, Mindy and I had perfect weather and no crowds.  Saturday (11-22-2008) Chaz and I did the Vigil, an incredibly fun 10 pitch route on the Watchman.  It had a bit of everything: face climbing, OWs, chimneys, perfect hand-cracks, thin sections, and some very “spicy” face climbing.  The best part about it was the view from the top, which we hit in perfect light.  The raps went smoothly and we ran back into town to hook back up with Mindy who had been out running on the West Rim most of the day. 


Sunday (11-23-2008) Mindy and I decided to do the real “gem” of the park, Lady Mountain.  It is a gem because hardly anobody even knows what it is much less takes the time to find where it starts and do it.  Back in the 1920 it was very popular, however, given some apparent “epics” with the general public, they decided to erase it from public knowledge.  It is 1.74 miles long and wonderfully steep.  There are a couple small climbing sections that will be difficult for those not comfortable on such terrain.  However, Mindy and I felt that the climbing simply added to the “adventure” of it all.  At the same time, we both recognized what it would look like with people trying to do this hike without any experience climbing, it wouldn’t be pretty!  The view from the top is spectacular and we hung out for a while just soaking it all it!

Next, Mindy and I ventured back into the Court of the Patriarch, another gem that few take the time to explore.  Most simly gaze at it from the shuttle as they roll on by… snapping a photo or two through the window….  Once in the canyon, staring up at Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, and the Sentinal is awe inspiring.  Plus, it is suprisingly lush with nearly as much green vegitation as there is red sandstone.  It was incredibly peaceful and I took a while to sit quietly and simply appreciate how beautiful and blessed my life really is.  wow!

Add this to the list of fantastic trips to ZNP.  Plus, I got to scope some of the terrain on a link-up I’ve been dreaming of for months now…..


We’ll be back soon.  For now, check out the pics here.

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