Posted by: runuphill | October 20, 2008

Many things un-done

This past weekend involved an absolutely stellar 3 days in Zion.  Many more details to come I promise… But for now,  here’s a taste.
Friday Oct 17th, 2008
Ryan, Mindy and I busted out Kolob Canyon with the MIA exit in casual style.  Mindy was incredible the way she dealt with Ryan and I as well as the incredibly cold conditions.  I am so excited for future canyoneering adventures with her, preferably a bit warmer however.  The canyon was as beautiful as ever with clear pools, fall leaves and crack climbs so good looking that I was drooling as I walked through the canyon.
Saturday October 18th, 2008
Buzz and I did East Temple in record time, 1:44:40 (parking lot to parking lot), shaving over an hour off our previous time.  Right after we headed over to West Temple and took a more leisure style doing it in 5 hrs XX min (Buzz to fill in specifics), completely what Buzz called the “Zion Temple Double”.  Ryan joined us for part of each temple.
Sunday October 19th, 2008
Buzz and I embarked on an incredibly good linkup, starting at the Spry Canyon start, then up Deertrap Mtn, over to south face of Great White Throne, then out Hidden Canyon.  It was a grand adventure and took us just over 8 hrs. 


  1. Sweet horns. I think you should make some sort of helmet to wear while on the trail.

  2. Killer weekend! Zion is one of the sweetest spots on earth.

    Wordy report here:

    Many things undone …

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