Posted by: runuphill | August 21, 2008

Coal Powerplant shutting down and me making up for it

This blog has typically consisted of simply outdoor-related posts.  However I stumbled across an incredible article today on the environmental front that I just had to share.  Xcel Energy of Colorado in voluntarily shutting down two of their coal fired power plants and plans to replace with one of the worlds largest utility-scale solar power facilities.  Great stuff.  Read more here.

And to make up for such great progress, I’ll be jumping on a plane soon heading to France to run the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc.  Ahhh, the hyprocracy is thick.  So silly to fly ot the other side of the world to run a race.  But, I justify it by the fact that it betters man-kind for people to see and experience other cultures and open our eyes to the world.  Plus, my parents and Mindy will be there as well to make it an incredible experience.  Okay, I’m selfish…..


  1. knock ’em dead jared – hope the knees are holding out!

  2. According to CarbonFund.Org, you’re responsible for 1.93 tons of CO2 for your trip to Geneva and back:


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