Posted by: runuphill | August 16, 2008

Teton Circumnavigation (again….)

Wanting to get another good run in before heading to Europe for the UTMB, Becky agreed to head to the Tetons with me.  I wanted another lap on the beautiful Teton run that I had done the week prior and it wasn’t too difficult to talk Beck into it.  We cruised up Friday evening, camped outside of Jackson.  Woke Saturday morning and drove to Lupine Meadows and started the run.  I shaved 7 minutes off my time from the previous weekend to finish in 6 hrs 32 minutes, which was 3 minutes shy of Matt Hart’s current record time.

Upon finishing, I drove to Moose Junction, picked up some Mandarin Oranges, Gatorade, and a couple other goodies and drove up towards the Death Canyon Trailhead and hiked up the 1/4 mile or so in hopes that I’d get there before Becky.  With unbelievable timing, literally within 5 seconds of me getting to the intersection with the Valley Trail, Becky came cruising down the trail.  She stopped for a few minutes ate a few things and then took off bound for Lupine Meadows.  We both had a great time.

Becky took pictures during her run!



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