Posted by: runuphill | July 13, 2008

Hardrock Results

Well, quite an experience at the Hardrock this past weekend.  More to come on it, but in summary Kyle Skaggs had one of the most impressive endurance performances known to man, John Dewalt is the most hardcore person alive, and I had a great first half followed by a very “memorable” second half.  I’ve uploaded a few pics hereif interested….  Can’t wait to see the shots taken by John Cappis and others out on the course.  Most of the photos on my picassa site are at aid stations or just outside of them… hardly doing the course justice in terms of capturing the true beauty of it.  More to come….

Here is a short movie taken by Keith of me finishing.  Damn, this is a great feeling.


  1. Thanks Billy. Dewalt is incredible, really makes me feel young! I’ve got at least 44 good years left. 🙂

    I loved the Dewalt shirts, how about we trade? My girlfriend bought the “Big Girl Panties” shirt in a shop in Silverton. Classic! Glad you appreciated it.

  2. Hey Jared,

    Nice work out there. Good to give props to Mr. Dewalt, Guaranteed Tough. Where did you get the big girl panties T? Would love to have one.

    Billy Simpson



    hmmm link didn’t work above? here it is again from Jimmy Chins solo double up the Tetons pass record.

  5. Car to Car- Tetons

    Here is one for you and Ryan 🙂

    ya love that friggin clip– hits on youtube went from 206 to 522 …. that clip will be over 2000 by end of week, word is out!!

    ahhhh Fred’s Mountain at GTR 4 times is going to be sick for this sea-level flatlander, GTR is my hardrock !

    Hope ur recovering well Jared…look forward to more race reports—also more details about what kind of fuel got you through HR. I am going to do GTR mostly on liquid drinks & gels…some soup at might but solids been messing with me so going to stay away from it.

  6. Bob, you crack me up! Thanks for the positive comments. Also, I’m happy to see the Stoert’s ridge video getting some mileage again. 🙂

    Love the picture of you in the ice-bath. You’re one funny dude. Good luck at the GT100, Becky told me you’re going for 4 laps! You’re a crazy man.

    Take care,


  7. PS: that movie you guys made of Ryan on Steorts Ridge is getting some great play on youtube & my blog….love that clip, and also added that Metallic song on my MP3 🙂

    car to car – lol

    tick tick tick tick tick tock

  8. wow Bro, first off Congrats you HardROCKer!!

    Amazing to go back to back 4th place finishes Jared …friggin Stud! I Can’t wait for more details about the second 50…

    Love the pics… “fo” engineer pic— LMAOOOO

    – Skaggs, Wow!

    Recover well my Friend!!

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