Posted by: runuphill | June 25, 2008

World-Class Glissading in the Wasatch!

Many mountain runners in Utah and Colorado were bummed for a majority of the spring with how much snow we got this winter.  Well, we’re (at least those of us in Utah) fully immersed in summer right now with today’s highs the upper 90s in SLC.  During a run this evening I discovered an incredibly good bi-product of the huge snow year we had, the glisadding!  It is absolutely perfect right now in the high country.  I’ve been up Cardiff Fork several times this week and I am in love.  The approach trail/jeep-road in is in fine condition, with quite a bit of water and some mud.  Once up in the high bowl (only 4 miles or so from the Donut Falls parking lot) it’s a pretty simple jaunt up steep snow to the top of Mt. Superior where there is endless glissading.  It’s warm enough that the snows is soft, steep enough that you can rip, and deep enough that you don’t posthole.  I’ve been in heaven.  I took a couple laps of the N.E. side of Superior and plan to head back on Sunday for a couple hours.  It’s great!  Take advantage of it while it’s here.  The conditions will remain optimal up Cardiff for only another couple weeks I’m guessing.  This is good training for Hardrock this year so get out there.!


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