Posted by: runuphill | June 1, 2005

Stoert’s Stupidity

This is the movie Stoert’s Stupidity (pronounced “stuart’s”) where Ryan McDermott climbs Stoert’s Ridge, a 4 pitch 5.6 up Big Cottonwood Canyon outside Salt Lake City Utah, in 9 minutes 48 seconds.


  1. hey deraj,
    it was fun seeing you and mindy today. I finally went and climbed Steorts ridge this year and wanted to re-watch the video you guys did with Ryan since i finally have a little perspective. Any chance you still have that somewhere and would mind emailing me a link or the video? Thanks!

    • Hi Joi,

      Great to see you yesterday! I pulled the Stoert’s Ridge video off YouTube several years ago at Ryan’s request. I do have a copy at home still, you’re welcome to swing by and check it out sometime. Let me know.



  2. The idea that speedclimbing a 3-pitch 5.6 is worth filming and posting on the internet is sad enough by itself. But implicitly ridiculing someone who graciously spent their time helping you out is completely classless. Hope the sense of shame catches up with you.

    • This is to the individuals named George blackwell and George blackwell. You sir have no understanding of pure talent!!! I cant believe you ridicule someone who is speedclimbing an awesome 3-pitch 5.6. This is 100 % worth filming and posting on the internet!! that is what the internet is for! No one wants to listen to an old fogie complain about everything that he freeking watches, so cinch up you depends a little tighter and suck it up! I hope the sense of shame catches up with you!! I mean michael was totaly stoked on what these guys were doing!! you sir need a large bite of some common sense! these guys just made this video for fun and their entertainment. so sit back down and get a grip. let them have some fun!!!

  3. Thanks Christian. Yes Michael from REI has seen it. It took me over a year to talk with him about it, but when I did he said, “you guys made me famous”. So presumably he’s okay with his role in the film. I think he was perfect and really did a great job explaining the route to us. He’s a great guy and still works at REI to this day!

  4. Nice film work and editing…Did you ever show the guy at REI?
    Oh yeah, incredible climb.

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