Wasatch FKT

For those who don’t know, FKT stands for Fastest Known Time.  It’s a term that was coined by Buzz Burrell or perhaps Peter Bakwin, both uber-athletes.  Peter’s FKT website highlites some of the biggest trail records in the States.  Bill Wright also keeps a now somewhat disjointed website of climbing and mountain running records, found here.  Given that I was born and raised in the Wasatch Mountains the goal of this page is to do a Wasatch FKT website.  It can include skiing, biking, climbing, and running records.  On Peter Bakwin’s FKT Website he proposes some ground rules, which seem reasonable and have been accepted by the athletic community for the most part.  So, I’ll repeat them below as they form the foundation for this page:

How do you establish a speed record?
Buzz Burrell has proposed 3 common sense guidelines:
· Announce your intentions in advance. Like a true gentleman, pay your respects to those who came before you, and tell them what you intend to attempt and when.
· Be an open book. Invite anyone to come and watch or, better yet, participate. This makes your effort more fun and any result more believable.
· Record your event. Write down everything immediately upon completion. Memory doesn’t count.
These three rules do not “prove” you have done anything. They just make it easier for a good person to believe you.

Supported, self-supported, unsupported? What does it mean?
· Supported means you have a dedicated support team that meets you along the way to supply whatever you need. This generally allows for the fastest, lightest trips, and for an element of camaradarie and safety, since someone knows about where you are at all times.
· Self-supported means that you don’t carry everything you need from the start, but you don’t have dedicated, pre-arranged people helping you. This is commonly done a couple different ways: You might put out stashes of supplies for yourself prior to the trip, or you might just use what’s out there, such as stores, begging from other trail users, etc.
· Unsupported means you have no external support of any kind. Typically, this means that you must carry all your supplies right from the start, except any water that can be obtained along the way from natural sources. This approach has also been termed “alpine style”. The longest trip I’m aware of using this style is Coup’s 20-day thru-hike of the Colorado Trail. For most people, carrying enough food for more than a few days to one week will be prohibitive.

I started this page on August 4, 2008 and it will only grow if folks participate.  So, please send me your record times!

Big Cottonwood :


  • Stoert’s Ridge – Car-to-Car – Ryan McDermott  – 9 min 28 sec. – 2005?


  • Broads Fork Twin
    • via Broads Fork TH
      • Ascent
        • Jason Dorais – 1:24:57 – 10/9/12
      • Round-trip
        • ????
    • via Ferguson Canyon
      • Ascent
        • Jared Campbell – 2:30-ish – Sep-2012 (one of my favorite routes in the Wasatch! Time someone to get serious and go fast on this one!)
  • Gobblers Knob
    • via Butler Fork
      • Ascent
        • Nate Blouin – 57:30 – 6/5/2014
        • Matt Van-Horn – 59:22 – 6/21/2013
        • Joseph Moore & Evan Church – 1:13 – 6/3/2013
    • via Terraces campground parking lot
      • Ascent
        • Parker Mildenhall – 1:05 – 6/15/2013

Little Cottonwood :


  • Pfeifferhorn
    • Ascent via Red Pine Lake – Parking lot to summit
      • Jason Dorais – 1:05:01 – 7/18/2012
      • Karl Meltzer – 1:06:10 – 1996
      • Nate Blouin – 1:09:59 – 8/21/2013
      • Tom Deigel – 1:10 – 8/15/2012
      • Nik Berry – 1:10:00 – Summer 2009
    • Round-trip via Red Pine Lake
      • ???
    • Ascent via Thunderbird Variation
      • Nik Berry – 1:17:00 – Summer 2009
  • Red Pine Lake – Parking Lot to Lake
    • Karl Meltzer – 32:25  – not sure when….
  • Lone Peak
    • Orson Smith TH -> Cherry Canyon -> Bear Canyon -> Summit
      • Matthew Van Horn – Ascent : 2:55:06; Round Trip : 4:39 – 8/11/2012
    • Ascent via Jacob’s Ladder
      • Jason Dorais – 1:40:50 – 10/6/12
      • Andy Dorais – 1:51:35 – 9/18/2012
    • Round-trip via Jacob’s Ladder
      • Cristian Johnson & Jay Aldous – Ascent: 3:18;  Total time: 5:27 – 10/3/2011 – Story


  • The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL) – Fergusen Canyon to Bells Canyon via ridge defining Little Cottonwood
    • Men
      • Nick Berry – 17 hrs 48 min – September 7, 2009 – Story Here
      • Jared Campbell – 21.5 hrs – August 7, 2004 – Story Here
      • Jason Dorais & Noah Howell – 26 hr 25 min – September, 2009 – Story Here
    • Women
      • Lauren Edwards &  Anna Freudenberg – 44 hrs – September, 2014
        • Note : Lauren and Anna traversed below (and did not summit) Lone Peak
  • South Ridge of Superior
    • Ascent (Start : Shallow Shaft restaurant to summit) – route description
      • 59:3X – Chris Cawley – 10/24/2013
    • Round-trip (Start/Finish : Shallow Shaft)
      • 1:29:XX – Chris Cawley – 10/24/2013

Millcreek Canyon :


  • Grandeur Peak
    • Church Fork (top of paved road to summit)
      • Ascent
        • Men
          • Parker Mildenhall – 33:18 –  (8/3/2012)
        • Women
          • Jennilyn Eaton – 43:49 – 6/13/2014
          • Jenn Kuhlmann – 53:00 – ???
      • Roundtrip
        • Anyone want to claim this?
        • Anyone want to claim this?
    • West Side (starting at the parking lot)
      • Ascent
        • 39:41 – John Tribbia – 10/21/2013
        • 40:09 – Burke Swindlehurst – Fall-2013
      • Roundtrip
        • Has anyone broken 1 hr?  It’s certainly possible
      • Descent
        • Jared Campbell – 15:54 – (12/24/2013)
      • Misc : Multi-lap
        • 12X (40kft gain) – Jared Campbell – 23:10:00 – (3/3/2013) – part of fund-raiser for Breathe Utah
        • 10X (33.3kft gain) – Jared Campbell – 21:31:00 – (3/2/2012) – part of fund-raiser for Breathe Utah
        • 5X (16.7kft gain) – Sarah Evans McClosky – ??:??:?? – (3/3/2013)
  • Wildcat Ridge (Olympus TH to Neffs Saddle, down to Neff’s TH)
    • Jared Campbell – 4:01 – 10/22/2011 (This is a pretty casual time, but I thought I’d post it anyways)

Mount Olympus :

  • Ascent via Standard Trail – (ascent to true summit)
    • John Tribbia – 57:10 – July, 2013
    • Karl Meltzer – 57:19
  • Round-trip via Standard Trail
    • Karl Meltzer – 1:35ish
  • Olympus Loop – Start/Finish @ Pete’s Rock TH.  Wrap around to West Slabs via new Shoreline trail.  Tag true summit, down standard trail.
    • Craig Lloyd – 2:44:11 – 10/4/2014
  • West Slabs
    • 1:01 car-to-car – Jared Campbell 6/5/2011
      • Started on Zarahemla, Zeus was long and deep, slabs were perfect, descended Apollo, connected back to car at Zarahemla
    • 39:22 – Ascent – Jared Campbell – 5/21/2013 (Zarahemla to high-point on slabs prior to descent)
      • Past Records
      • 41:50 – Anton Krupicka – August, 2012
      • 46 minutes – Chad Ambrose – September, 2012



  • Big Mtn to City Creek via Grandview  and Rudy’s Flat.
    • 22 miles, 5,100′ ascent, 7,700′ descent
    • mappicturesdescription
    • Christian Johnson – 6 hrs 15 min – October 3, 2009 – about 1′ of snow above 8kft
  • Wire Mountain (Zoo parking lot gate to summit fence of lookout tower via south ridge)
    • Ascent
      • Male
        • Jason Dorais – 27:44 – September, 2012
        • Christian Johnson – 29:43 – 5/3/2012
      • Female
        • Bethany Lewis – 33:22 – 5/1/2015
        • Jennilyn Eaton – 34:24 – 4/30/2014
        • Leslie Howlett – 35:20 – 5/22/2013
  • Parley’s Ridge (IHC to Little Mountain)
  • “U” Summit via Dry Fork – 1.5 miles
    • Male
      • Toly Zharkikh – 14:50 – 10/19/2013 – info


  1. How ’bout a West Slabs record? I’m sure you’ve slayed that in deathly time. Hunter and I did it years ago in 73 minutes (car to ridge). But I hear Alex Lowe did it in under 60… I’m guessing you’ve fired it up.

    • Chad Ambrose did it in 46 minutes the other day…

      • I went 42:50 and 41:50 from car to the ridge (the “top” of the slabs?) on successive days back in early August. I assume the starting point is the end of that cul-de-sac with the short super-steep stair start? Both times I continued on to the north and south summits of Olympus, which was a fun addition of more scrambling.

  2. Jared,

    I like reading your blog, there’s a lot of good adventures and race write-ups. This summer, I ran my first Hardrock and fourth Wasatch. If you ever want to get out for a run, shoot me an e-mail. Keep up the good work.

  3. seems no matter what, for years i would go up church fork from the gate in the camp area to the saddle in 42 minutes, dry, wet, hot, cold, just a time to know for a reference…keep writing and running…jennk

  4. pfeifferhorn from white pine trailhead through red pine to the summit in 1:10 and the thunderbird variation in 1:17

    trailhead of cecret lake to baldy, hidden peak, AF Twins, red baldy, white baldy, to the pfeifferhorn in 2:40

  5. Jared, I just noticed this page on your site. Peter’s FKT site is growing and new stuff is being added all the time. But because it is so ‘all-encompassing’ I’m not sure how specific it will ever get to tracking some of the “smaller” runs and peaks in each area (the Wasatch specifically).
    I’m not saying this page should be the place for it, but its something to consider.
    Other notable runs/summits worth tracking (that are on FKT and summitpost) on this site might be Mt Timpanogos (ascent and round trip), King’s Peak (seeing a lot of attention recently), Triple Crown (King’s, So King’s, Gilbert), Uinta Highline, Mt Olympus, West Slabs Loop (West Slabs to true summit, down main trail and back to car), etc.

    Any thoughts on the best way to track this stuff? There is a lot more attention on this stuff now and they are getting tracked all over the place.

    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the comment about the need for a better WasatchFKT site. The blog approach doesn’t work very well at all. Peter’s FKT site is good, but it seems that everything still needs to go through him. It needs to be almost wiki style to encourage folks to contribute more, but….

      I’m going to fiddle around with a Google “site” because it is actually quite powerful and free. You can build forms as a way to input data and then take advantage of Google docs etc. I’ll let you know if it looks promising. And, if you come up with something better let me know.



  6. Pfieferhorn, from Red Pine Lake route….66:10. Ha, but it was way back about 15 years ago.

    Red Pine Lake only. 32:25 from White Pine TH

    Olympus South trail, (main route) 57:19 to summit. Jogged down easy.1:35 ish RT.

    Lone Peak saddle on Bells Canyon. 5hr, 31 min RT from my house.

    That’s all I got, but I recall back in the day running Grandeur Peak in 34 min and change multiple times from the road.

    • Karl – from the top of the paved road where the actual trail starts, or MCC road? if you did 34 from MCC, that is mighty, mighty impressive. from the dirt it ain’t too shabby either.

  7. […] deep in Jared Campbell’s Wasatch FKT site is a relatively recent post from the Wasatch Speedgoat himself — Karl Melzter. Karl going […]

  8. […] 02/27/12: This is not an FKT but actually just one minute shy of Karl Meltzer’s record documented here. Still impressive though. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  9. Some FKTs which might be nice to know are Grandeur from wasatch drive and Great White Icicle Car to Car (heard Alex Lowe did it in stoopid fast time), but sub-one hour (or sub 45 min) isnt unexpected from someone fast.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard that Jared ran the west ridge of Grandeur in 37 minutes. Is that true Jared? If so, you should include that because it’s a pretty outstanding record if you ask me.

  10. Attempting to break the 34 min ascent up to Grandeur Peak tomorrow morning, meeting at Einstein’s at 6 am with a small group of college and HS peeps -better sleep soon – have done 35:40 so far, wish me luck! Just watched the Speedgoat 50k as a volunteer, and it made me want to get out and do something Karl would tackle!!!

  11. Update on the run this morning, made it up to grandeur peak in 33:18!! My legs are just a little tired….haha so worth it and the view is always rewarding!

    • Was that by Church Fork or West Ridge?

  12. I went up Lone Peak today starting at Orson Smith TH in Draper, Cherry Canyon trail to Bear Canyon, past the Outlaw Cabin and up the drainage that put me right at the top of the cirque. I stood on the summit rock at 2:55:06. I retraced my route for a total RT time of 4:39. The RT distance of my route was 15 miles. Now, I know there are guys around here who can get to the summit at least an hour faster on the same route. I think that even though Jacob’s Ladder is shorter there is more runnable trail on the route I took.

    • Nice job! I’ve added your time and route description.


  13. Church fork!

  14. Hey Jared, went up Lone Peak yesterday on the Jacob’s Ladder trail in 1:51:35 to the summit. Didn’t care to run down hard so this is only for the ascent. I’m curious which trail will wind up being the fastest up Lone…

    And, never heard about the finish to Wasatoja… Update please!


  15. fwiw….on aug 15 I did a 1:10 ascent to the top of the Pfeif via Red Pine, and was crushed by the effort! I know that the indomitable Jason Dorais did it last year in 1:07 and then did an equally-impressive descent time that I think put him car to car in 1:50ish?

  16. Jared, love the site and hope it keeps growing. Here are a few updates from the past couple months:

    Lone Peak summit via Jacob’s ladder: 1:40:50 (10/6/12)
    Pfeifferhorn, Red Pine parking lot to summit: 1:05:01 (7/18/12)
    East SL Twin, Broad Fork TH to summit: 1:24:57 (10/9/12)

    Thanks for the great Wasatch resource!


  17. Hey Jared, just thought I would share how small the ultra running world is, especially here in utah. It’s kind of like the seven steps to kevin bacon thing. I recently assistant coached the Durango (Colorado) high school Xc team, while also working for brown’s sport shoe in Durango. They happen to sponsor an ultra runner i recently ran with named Brendan, who ran part of the wasatch 100 with you, who is friends with Dakota jones, who is friends with one of my new friends i met at a random house party, an up and coming ultra female Sadie magnifico, and dakota also runs with one of the Durango hs Xc runner’s dad, Leo Lloyd, the race director for the hardrock, and this summer I coached a camp where we ran up handies by chance right before that race with his son. Whew. After i ran mt. wire Today with sadie, I also just found out more about your bio, and am super excited to read about more of your adventures. Love the blog and fkt stuff – am going to try for some more times soon, just wrapped up a first place at the Moab trail half marathon and am ready to roll in the wasatch once again!

  18. Want to start cataloging FKTs for dogs? Hah… My dog Holly just got up Grandeur (mill creek route) road to peak with me in a hail storm in 38:44. :) In all seriousness, we weren’t pushing super hard, but anything under 35:00 at all-out effort this season will be really great for me. Much respect to the 33:18.

  19. I’m a soon-to-be high school grad who did track and xc through hs. Just did Gobbler’s Knob from Butler Fork (4 miles one way, 3110 elevation gain) in about 1:13 with Evan Church. Not an all out effort, but we went pretty hard and there was quite a bit of snow along the top ridge.

    • Fine work Joseph and Evan! I’ve updated my site to include your time.



  20. Evan and I are doing Grandeur tomorrow morning. Goal is sub-35, and ideally the record if we’re lucky

  21. Evan ended up around 40 minutes, I was 41:00. The trail was a lot tougher and more technical than I thought haha! Props to Parker for that record of his

  22. Hey Jared, this was kind of an undeclared and unexpected run (first ascent of the season since I broke my foot in April and glad to be back!!) but we hit up Gobbler’s knob today. Trail condition was almost perfect, snow pretty much gone, but my trailhead to marker ascent was 1:05, ran it hard. Definitely think somebody can get sub-60 on it if they push for it though!

  23. Jared,
    Matt Van Horn went 59:30 ascent to Gobblers Knob via Butler Fork on a beautiful Friday morning 6/21/13. I was there to witness, he also has documentation with Garmin connect and Strava.

  24. broke 1:10 to the pfeifferhorn summit today, i’ll call it 1:09:59, strava segment which starts just before the bridge it looks like has 1:09:17. knee connected with a rock very hard on the flats after the east ridge on the way down, had to hike out otherwise i had a good shot at sub 2:00. hopefully just a flesh wound.

    • http://www.strava.com/activities/76577187

    • Great work Nate. Looks like Jason’s FKT still stands though? Hope the knees okay.



      • yup, he still holds it, gonna give it a real shot with a couple days notice next time! not sure where to make up 5 minutes though…

  25. Hi Jared, its Nathan from The Front. I was wondering if there is a speed time I can gun for on the South Ridge of Mount Superior. Staring on the spine, and ending behind Hells Gate??

    • Hi Nathan,

      Interestingly, nobody has staked claim to it! So, what’s your time and I’ll post it.



  26. ラッシュガード ハーレー

  27. throwin it out there… gonna shoot for the pfeifferhorn ascent FKT probably tuesday. not going fast downhill, my leg’s been a bit touchy lately. hopefully scouting the route tomorrow, checking the snow situation, and if all looks good and the weather holds shooting for the FKT tuesday morning-ish. will update with a time when i knowif anyone’s interested in joining.

    • Great! Best of luck.


  28. Is there a minimum distance for an FKT course? If not, then I have a fun and easy route that runners might enjoy while doing a longer training run or something – “the U” summit via Dry Fork Canyon (1.5 miles). I did that one in 16:02 yesterday.

    gps route: http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/activity/running/detail/4055000000002257495100039432052670918133?external_share_id=c4930645-fe83-42f5-9491-a93a7b71eb3d&ecn=true&is_new_meta=true&fb_source=708

  29. Hey thanks for posting that Jared! Now we just need someone fast to set the ultimate fkt for that course once and for all.

    By the way, I decided my fkt was getting a bit stale so I re-ran it in 14:50.


    It would be awesome to have a separate application to help manage all these different courses and fkt times. Let me know if you want something like that. I’m a web developer.

    • stuff like this is best left as a strava segment. if it’s not a significant section of trail or actual peak, there’s no need for it to be recorded as an “FKT”. that just diminishes the meaning of the term.

      • It does go up to a distinct peak, but I agree it’s not a very high one. That’s why I asked if there is a minimum distance. Maybe we can all agree to count only named peaks??

        Open question to all: what is the fkt for Grandeur Peak coming up the west face? I like to do that hike and need a fast time to shoot for.

  30. Nate, don’t be a douche:) I say Toly’s time stands. Go beat it if you don’t like it. Ueli Steck doesn’t tell us that our little foothill runs don’t count cause they’re not over 8000 meters. BTW, a group of us are running Wire, Grandeur, or Olympus just about everyday this time of year. Come join!

    Thought I’d chime in mainly because there has been an epic battle taking place on the west side of Grandeur Peak with Burk Swindlehurst and John Tribbia going blow for blow. One went 41:xx and the other lowered it. Then Burke went 40:09 and today John went 39:41 for perhaps an all time FKT? Jared you wanna chime in here since legend has it you went under 40 as well?

    Climber’s talk about perfect sending temps when it’s cool and the rubber is sticky. Well, these are perfect FKT sending temps too! Get it!

    • Thanks for the shout out Andy…To say these are perfect FKT sending conditions is an understatement! The trail conditions are great after all that rain/snow and a far cry from the mid-summer mugginess & dustiness when I put the time up on Olympus.

      The battle royale with Burke has been fun. It has been a friendly rivalry, which has helped me get the most out of my training… Unfortunately, my GPS broke enroute to the 39:41 so Strava didn’t capture. I got a summit photo of my wristwatch, which I started at the end of the parking lot and stopped after doing a small loop at the summit (I never know where the strava segments start/stop so I make sure to get a good mapping of the possible finishing spots!).

      What time are these group meetings at the 3 mountains? I’d love to join!

      • Incredible time John. I’ll consider that the FKT for now! Silly that a time hasn’t been listed until now.

    • Hi Andy,

      Years ago I was fairly obsessed with trying to go fast up the west side and did go sub-40, but I considered the “start” where the trail leaves the old dirt road and starts climbing steeply on single-track. This eliminates a good 3+ minutes so it’s kind of apples&oranges. Given this difference and the fact that I can’t seem to repeat it (getting fat and old I suppose) I’ll list the times that are coming in every other day! Now, somebody go sub 30 so we can claim the world vertical km record here in Utah! :)


    • Fun info on the topic of climbing hills quickly. http://www.skyrunning.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=180:vk-world-records-tumble&catid=37:article-slider-content&Itemid=134&utm_source=Skyrunning+ENG&utm_campaign=af2bff1b5f-VK_world_records_tumble Not the comment, “to date, the advantages of using poles has not been scientifically demonstrated.” Interesting.

      On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 10:28 PM, Jared Campbell wrote:

      > Hi Andy, > > Years ago I was fairly obsessed with trying to go fast up the west side > and did go sub-40, but I considered the “start” where the trail leaves the > old dirt road and starts climbing steeply on single-track. This eliminates > a good 3+ minutes so it’s kind of apples&oranges. Given this difference > and the fact that I can’t seem to repeat it (getting fat and old I suppose) > I’ll list the times that are coming in every other day! Now, somebody go > sub 30 so we can claim the world vertical km record here in Utah! :) > > Jared > > > On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 7:31 PM, Jared Campbell's Blog <

  31. don’t see how that’s being a douche, to me an FKT is a well established route that sees normal traffic, not someone’s personal run, not discrediting it or anything just not in the spirit of an FKT to me. i’m out there every day myself, probably gonna get a blanche, olympus and timp this week, maybe another grandeur since it felt good last week.

  32. I checked out strava and it is such a beautiful application! Took it on Mt. Olympus today but man, it was so crowded up there because of the good weather. The strava segments is exactly what I had in mind for an automatic fkt application. Andy, I saw your name near the top of many leader boards. You are speedy! And I saw Nate at the top of the Brighton high school track leaderboard :)

    So I made attempts at Grandeur peak, Mt. Wire, Mt Olympus, and every time I come up short of the fkt. Do you guys use trekking poles? (I have no idea if they help or not)

    The battle for Grandeur sounds intense. I hope to be in the mix someday. I’m improving my time by several minutes every time I go run. Happy running!

    • Hey Toly,

      For very steep “runs” like the west side of Grandeur I almost always use poles. If you look at Strava, my brother, Tom Goth, Lars Kj all use them too. Not sure about John or Burke. For what it’s worth, in vertical kilometer races in Europe which are pretty similar to Grandeur (gain 1000 meters in a very short distance) everyone uses poles.

      Good luck chasing times!

      • Thanks Andy. I enjoyed reading about your Rainier adventure.

  33. andy’s been known to use trekking poles, at least he was at speedgoat. never touched them myself. guess i’ll have to give grandeur west another shot soon, ran a 47 the other day while taking it pretty easy. would have had the CR for the round trip if i didn’t stop for 2 minutes at the top! funny i should be at the top of the BHS track lap considering i’ve run on a track maybe 4 times in my life, i’m slow over short distances.

  34. gobbler’s FKT needs updating, I just did 59:58 trailhead to touching summit USGS marker, MVH has me by 27 seconds on the strava CR (shit, if i’d have known i was even in the range i would have pushed it in a couple spots!).


    • Holy crap you’re a monster! Good job Nate!

      • heh only sometimes. should specify this is from butler fork/mill a basin, not the millcreek side. that looks like a nasty climb though i haven’t done it before. snow’s not a factor at all so go get after it while the weather’s nice!

    • Yeah you’re right. We have a few really nice days left when we can hit the high peaks before the weather goes south and we get a fresh layer of snow in the mountains. I look forward to beating my Ensign Peak PR!

    • Hi Nate,

      Great job. Matt had emailed me about his time previously so I just updated with his name for the FKT.


  35. South ridge superior claim staking: starting at the Shallow Shaft restaraunt, running down to Superior apron, up the apron to the Gazex path toward “dead tree,” and up from there, 59:3x: and a round trip via cardiff pass of 1:29:xx. That includes a trip around W hellgate to a notch on the Cardiff ridge, and then across Cardiff bowl from the cave to the pass, skipping the summit of Cardiff. Not a strava’r, and doubtful the S ridge is done consistently enough for it to have a standard route sufficient to compare times. IMO the best way is to go up the S apron until the vegetation abates completely, bear left along the scree until you hit the place where tan and red rock meet, and head up an east facing rib of fractured quartzite and limestone toward the chute with a dead tree in it, via the path to the Gazex installations. There are some nice moves on the route up from SB entry 4, and it is a slightly longer climb with more actual scrambling, but you miss the traverse before suicide chute, a highlight of the route, and a few quality moves on the SE ridge proper, as well as the ambiance of the lower S face of superior.

    • Chris, While I am confused by your route (do you have a map?) I put you down for the S. Ridge FKT. Thanks. Jared

      • it’s more of a scramble/climbing route, not a running route. blast up the south ridge of supe. hitched up LCC with someone on their way to hit it today!

    • Going to chime in on S Superior Ridge since I’ve been working away at it for a few years. Great full body effort with consequences! Nice work Crawley! Seems like a strange place to start the route though? I understand it for the round tripper, but the route shouldn’t start a mile or more up the road should it? As far as FKT, I know Courtney Phillips has done it in 48min and there are some rumors of a sub 50min Alex Lowe time. Last week I got it in 51:22. Really hoping to get the sub 50min this summer.

      Love the site Jared and I’ll be watching and cheering for you at HR100

  36. well hmmmmm i was looking for something new to try tomorrow. only ever been up supe in the winter. and strava in no way denominates an FKT, routes like you’re describing are the ones actually deserving of the title IMO.

  37. headed up grandeur this morning, saw andy and someone else coming down, and someone looking good headed up while i was on my way down. which one of you fools has the utah license plate RUN FAR? also, there were some 3 piece BD trekking poles hanging on the fence. i kind of assume someone left them there for all to use, but not being sure i grabbed them. either let me know if they’re yours and you want them back, or i’ll leave them hanging where i found them!

  38. On the subject of poles or no poles, I think the case may be that the strength of your cardiovascular system is really what propels you upward; redistributing the work of one muscle group to another does not change the amount of “wattage” you can produce, and so it becomes a matter of training various muscle groups to perform certain tasks. Could also not be the case. Not that I could break 60 minutes on Granduer with trekking poles, minimalist footwear, First Endurance technical snack food, toe socks, a blog, Fabian Cancellara’s bike motor, or any other assistance, at the moment.

    • You should definitely start a blog if you do any sort of running. I believe that falls under the “intangibles” category :)

  39. Any known FKT on a round trip from city creek to Black Mountain Peak (formerly known as “Little Black”, now affectionately known as “Ted”)?

    • Hi,

      At this point, nobody has claimed an FKT and it’s a worthy peak! Do you have a benchmark you’d like to set?



  40. Just an update – last week did an all-out up on Grandeur, with some slick snow on part of the trail, ran it in 33:50! Frustratingly close to that PR. May try the west slabs soon before any more snow falls. Also thought it was cool, yesterday saw The Speedgoat himself near Hogle Zoo. Last time I saw him he pulled away lickety split over the last few miles of the Redhot 55k! Also, Nice to see your following growing by the week, Jared – it seems like I’m getting a new comment/update in my email every few days. Great way to feel more connected when most of my training is solo! Thanks again for the awesome resource!

  41. Jared,
    I did a jaunt up Wire today from the Zoo and surprised myself with a 34:27 summit time. Also, thank you for maintaining this site, it’s a great training tool and resource! Hopefully in the near future we’ll see a little more traffic on the female times. (There’s only 3).

  42. just went 57:30 to gobbler’s via butler fork. GPS here:

  43. Hi Jared, not sure if you are keeping track of all decent times or just when a record gets broken. I did olympus via the standard trail to true summit today in 1:01:43. Never done it before. Awesome steep trail. Will be back I hope

    Ryan Ghelfi

  44. Just did broad’s east twin in ~1:50… JD, that’s absurd. i’m not in shape to be running fast times right now, and today’s effort wasn’t pushing my current fitness, but damn. impressive. i took the wuss variation on the lower ridge, though i hear there’s a ledge of some sort that is more direct. wonder how much time that would shave.

  45. jason dorais just broke my gobbler’s time. not sure what he wants to claim but strava says he was a couple minutes under from butler fork.

  46. Did the WURL on Sept 13 in 26:05. Spencer Weiler was around 27 hours.

  47. In the spirit of announcing intentions in advance, I will be attempting an FKT on Parley’s Ridge tomorrow. Bushwacketeering!

  48. Chip DuRoss and Matt Stewart ran the North Ridge of Parley’s today in 2:41. We followed the same route described by Christian Johnson & Erik Storheim. I don’t Strava or Blog, but i do instagram for a few pics: http://www.instagram.com/wasatchbeyond

  49. Not much scrambling/solo stuff on here. I did schoolroom in LCC this morning in 17:43 starting and finishing at the Gate parking lot. Anybody know of some old school fast times on this route?

  50. Hey has anyone heard any data (possibly from runner alums) what the ascent record is from sign to top of Y rock down in Provo? From all the distinguished running talent down there I can’t imagine they didn’t have some kind of “king of the rock” ascent contest every year with the XC guys…

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