Posted by: runuphill | August 15, 2012

Nolans 14

Elevation Profile of Nolans 14

Update : success!  We finished in 58 hrs 58 min.  Absolutely incredible experience.  More detaills soon….

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the year of the slog…. okay not really, it’s actually the year of the dXragon.  But, 2012 is the year of the slog based on my adventure calendar. Keeping with the theme, starting Friday (8/17/2012) at 9AM, Matt Hart and I will throw ourselves at a mountain challenge known as Nolans 14.  It’s a linkup of 14 “fourteeners” (peaks greater than 14,000′ in elevation) in the Sawatch Range outside Leadville and Buena Vista Colorado.  It has a starting point, an ending point, and fourteen summits to tag in-between.  Our route is ~90 miles (provided say don’tgetting lost), with 45kft of up.  Quite a bit of the route is off-trail boulder hopping so it’ll be slow-going.  We’re psyched, relatively fit, have it moderately well planned out, have the best crew alive (Mindy and Fred Marmsater), and are ready for a good battle.  I’ve setup a trackleaders page for easier tracking than the normal spot page.  Track our progress here


Overall map of the route


  1. It’s going to be end of mine day, but before finish I am reading this impressive post to increase my experience.

  2. You too, Matt!

  3. Congratulations Jared, well done!

  4. Well done. Well done indeed. Hat’s off to you and Matt.

  5. Impressive. Enjoyed following you on

  6. Great job Jared and Matt, one hell of a first run at Nolans14. Can’t wait to hear about the trip and all the details. Hopefully before I go after them in two weeks.

  7. Congrats to you and Matt, Jared! Completing Nolan’s 14 is a majorly huge accomplishment!

  8. Fantastic run, Jared and Matt! The route has unique demands and it appears your preparation was outstanding. Really looking forward to your report!

  9. Way to go Jared! Looks like you’re on the homestretch. Inspiring to say the least.

  10. Wow! This is one massively impressive outing. Looks like 4 miles left!

  11. Totally awesome – 10 miles to go – looks like you will pull it off. Congratulations!

  12. Once again providing a healthy dose of inspiration. Good luck to the both of you!!

  13. That sounds like a nice time…be safe getting it done!

  14. I want that.

  15. Excited for you guys! Be safe and have a great time! We’ll be following from SLC.

  16. Good luck, dont forget to have fun!

  17. Thanks for the link to follow you and Mindy. Another day, another adventure. What a life ☺

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